David T. Cole

David is also known on the Internet as Glark. He doesn't write much because he's barely literate. He's old and like any respectable old man his hobby is photography. You can see his photos at his site.

You Never Go Full Catholic At Downton Abbey

The fallout from last week's breathtaking event settles on Downton Abbey. 2013.02.04S03.E06

Pies, Clocks, And Sudden Stops At Downton Abbey

Nothing big happens until it does. And when it does, it does. 2013.01.27S03.E05

New Hires and Near Fires at Downton Abbey

In the fourth episode of the third series we see the class system thrown in sharp relief plus Mrs. Hughes makes toast! 2013.01.21S03.E04

Promises Made And Broken At Downton Abbey

This week has it all! Snooping, scheming, tourism, walking in then right back out of places, and the striking of big bargains! 2013.01.14S03.E03

Getting Shirty at Downton Abbey

Witness the unfolding of the most dramatic shirt-based plot line since they got the mustard out in Buffy. 2013.01.07S03.E02

Making Plans At Downton Abbey

An illustrated look at the Series 3 premiere highlights. 2013.01.07S03.E01

The High Stakes Brinkmanship of Last Resort

The stakes have never been higher on Last Resort. While the world threatens to implode, the captain must maintain control of his tropical domain. 2012.11.10S01.E06


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