David T. Cole

David is also known on the Internet as Glark. He doesn't write much because he's barely literate. He's old and like any respectable old man his hobby is photography. You can see his photos at his site.

Who's Mad At Whom On Luther?


Under The Dome's Truthful Title Card

Another title card from a more honest place. 2013.08.29

No One More Had More Fun On TV This Summer Than Lance Reddick

An ode to Todd Broger of Señor Dicks. 2013.08.28S03.E05

The Killing's Truthful Title Card

Truthful TV title cards are back and here's our first weekly installment. 2013.08.22

The Price Is Breaking Bad

Bitch. 2013.08.20S05.E02

I Am The Restroom At Chili John's

Y'all gather around and listen to a tall tale about my giant open window. 2013.08.15S01.E06

Stars Of The Miami Vice Opening Credits: Where Are They Now?

Catching up with the bums-in-bikini girls, the jai alai guy and others! 2013.07.24

Welcome To Emmy Nomination Week!

A weeklong celebration of people making the wrong choices — unless they are ones we agree with, and in that case, great! 2013.07.15

Should I Watch The Next Episode Of The Venture Bros?

This quick decision tree will help you figure it out. 2013.07.12

These Bob's Burgers Crocheted Dolls Are The Best

Check out the knitted crocheted Belcher family as created by Jenny Guan and held with loving admiration by Bob's Burgers writer Mike Benner. So damn cute! 2013.07.11

Sit Up and Listen! DogTV Is TV Just For Dogs And Is A Thing That's Really Happening

Sit Blah Blah Blah! DogBlah Blah Blah Blah Blah Dogs Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah 2013.07.10

Your Primer For The Bonkers Crime Drama The Bridge

Buckle up for your introduction to the original version of the crazy crime drama The Bridge and get ready for domestic and international versions! 2013.07.09

What's Probably Killing The Cast Of Siberia?

We have some guesses. 2013.07.02S01.E01

2149 Is The Year Everyone In The USA Will Be Watching Dexter

Showtime set to dominate television landscape with amazing season-over-season growth if humanity can just avoid global apocalypse. 2013.07.01S08.E01

Lincoln, Nixon, Elvis, Woodward, Bernstein and Liquor

Celebrate Patriot Week with the first very funny episode of Drunk History. 2013.07.01S01.E01

The Rules of Under The Dome

CBS released a quick guide to the rules of the dome, and we have the follow-up. 2013.07.01

The Hero's Manic Marty Can't Stop Moving, Won't Stop Moving!

Is it shark week already? If Marty stops moving will he die? 2013.06.28S01.E04

Welcome To You're 'Dome!'

The Under The Dome and Frisky Dingo crossover we want to see! 2013.06.25S01.E01

'Not Great Bob!'

The next season of Mad Men is probably a year away, if not longer, so Bob just wanted to check in on how you're feeling today. 2013.06.24S06.E13


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