Chris Huff

Chris Huff lives in central Florida where he spends his days teaching history to petulant college students and using his ’97 Buick LeSabre to force slow-driving retirees off the road into alligator-filled ditches. His hobbies include playing drums and complaining to anyone who will listen that the History Channel used to be so much better in the old days.

Timeless Finally Solves The Watergate Tapes Mystery

But raises some interesting questions about where our crew is headed. 2016.11.15S01.E06

People Begin To Learn Their Places On The Crown

And for Churchill that means a comically small chair. 2016.11.09S01.E07

Sisters Are Definitely Not Doin' It For Themselves On The Crown

But they certainly do know how to give good face. 2016.11.09S01.E06

Timeless Takes A Stand At The Alamo

But let's explore some better holiday-themed historical events for our crew to visit. 2016.11.01S01.E05

Black Mirror Delivers A Buzzworthy Finale

But only because it’s also the least Black Mirror-ish episode yet. 2016.10.28S03.E06

Timeless Knows How To Have Fun. Real Fun.

Which isn't easy to do when hanging out with Nazis. 2016.10.25S01.E04

Timeless Discovers That What Happens in Vegas Doesn't Stay There

While also learning the difference between a bomb and a bombshell. 2016.10.18S01.E03

Timeless Attends History's All-Time Worst Night Out At The Theatre

But after a shaky start, we get something worth remembering. 2016.10.10S01.E02

Luke Cage Gets His Heart Broken In Every Possible Way

But somehow 'I Will Survive' gets left off the soundtrack. 2016.10.06S01.E10

OMG! Luke Cage Got Shot!

With all bets off in S01.E08, who's next to fall in this masterclass on gun violence? 2016.10.05S01.E08

Is There Anything Worth Mining In Quarry?

Or is Cinemax's new crime drama a load of fool's gold? 2016.09.09S01.E01

Cheers Faces New Girl In The Battle Of The Best TV Bar Bosses

Sam Malone and Nick Miller battle it out to see who wins the 'World's Best Boss' coffee mug. 2016.08.19

Looking For The Real Joe On The Wine Show

Of course the guy knows his wines...and his moods have more flavor notes than a 1945 Chateau Mouton Rothschild. 2016.08.15S01.E05

What Kind Of Nastiness Is The Australian Government Into On Cleverman?

Probably the worst kind, but well dig into that and more questions after a particularly busy episode! 2016.06.08S01.E02

Should You Rise For Barbarians Rising?

Probably not, but at least Jesse Jackson is in it. Yes: that Jesse Jackson. 2016.06.06

Is Cleverman Smarter Than It Looks?

Or will SundanceTV's new Australian dystopian drama import make you feel like a shrimp left too long on the barbie? 2016.06.01S01.E01

Going All The Way With LBJ

HBO's new historical drama finds a real lack of civility in the fight for civil rights. 2016.05.20

Team Foxcatcher Faces The Prince Of Pennsylvania In The Battle Of The Du Pont/Schultz Documentaries

Which wrestling/true crime TV doc is more worth your time? Chris Huff breaks them down! 2016.04.29

Who Should Make It Out Of Containment Alive?

As Containment's outbreak gets even more contained, Chris Huff is ranking the characters according to which he most wants to survive. 2016.04.26S01.E02

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