Brian Rubenstein

Brian Rubenstein is a better dancer than you would expect by looking at him. He's also a writer on Selfie (Tuesdays at 8 on ABC!); used to write for Suburgatory and Tosh.0; and before that he thought he was going to be on the Lakers. Then he stopped growing. He also has a blog that is password-protected because sometimes he writes checks his career and love life can't cash.

'I'll Suck On My Own Toe'

The couples seek more intimacy with each other before their imminent divorces. 2015.05.20

'Are We Perhaps Learning That Jamie Is A Touch Dramatic?'

As the Married At First Sight couples expose their new spouses to their old family and friends, Tara Ariano and Brian Rubenstein discuss how sincere everyone's motives are (and whether Jamie REALLY hails from 'Povertyville'). 2014.08.19S01.E07