Angela Hamilton

Angela Hamilton is a writer, editor, and Southerner living, improbably, in Vancouver, Canada. Before a temporary relocation to Cape Town, South Africa (where her creative achievements included filming a bunch of mating baboons on the roof of a restaurant), she worked as tablet editor for McClatchy’s Washington Bureau. Previously: Men’s Health, Polo Ralph Lauren, Sony Music Publishing, and MoMA. She founded a nonprofit that produced benefits and raised $175,000 for AIDS charities in New York and D.C., and she speaks Afrikaans. Really, really badly.

Friends: Could There BE Any More Gay Jokes?

In its day, Friends may have moved the needle on queer issues, society-wise, but looking back on it now is cringier than Janice's voice. 2016.07.08

American Gothic: Maybe They All Did It?

At least then Angela would be justified in her dislike of just about everyone on the show. 2016.06.29S01.E02

Should You Take A Stab At American Gothic?

What happens when a member of a prominent Boston family is a suspected serial killer? It's not a laugh every minute. 2016.06.22S01.E01

Shameless Can't Wrap Season 6 Without Some Debbie Downerish Cliffhangers

At least one of the Gallaghers ends up in a river. 2016.04.04S06.E12

The Gloves And Pants Come Off On Shameless

Shameless spends the season's penultimate episode doing what it does best: showcasing the very worst of humanity and catching people with their pants down. 2016.03.28S06.E11

Hope, Peace, And Love Don't Really Suit Shameless

Life as a Gallagher is looking shockingly pleasant for almost everybody. No way can this hold for more than an episode or two. 2016.03.20S06.E10

Pretty Sure Shameless's Commune Plot Was On The Andy Griffith Show Once

The Gallaghers are in an advanced state of turmoil, and they're sort of making decisions like grown-ass men and women. WTF. 2016.03.13S06.E09

From Attempted Murder To Podiatric Molestation, Shameless Hits A New Season 6 Low

And Angela Hamilton can't with any of it, but maybe least of all with Frank's cornrows. 2016.03.06S06.E08

War And Peace Put The 'Character-Driven' Back in 'Character-Driven Drama'

Characters are kind of the whole point on most of TV, but War And Peace does it better than most. 2016.02.08S01.E04

Looks Like We Got Ourselves A Top 24 Here On American Idol

It's time for some major cuts, as Season 15 whittles down to 24. 2016.02.05S15.E10

Hopelessly Devoted To Hollywood Week

For the last day of the last Hollywood Week in American Idol history, we've got everything: hat intrigue, impending heartbreak, and Olivia Newton-John, but like, punk. Literally everything. 2016.02.04S15.E09

Ask War And Peace's Villainous, Rat Bastard Creep

You've got questions. Dolokhov -- conniving adulterer, dissembler, great-hair-haver -- has all the answers. 2016.02.01S01.E03

Group Night Delivers Intrigue, Drama, And Also Some Singing

Hold all calls. It's American Idol Group Night. 2016.01.29S15.E08

Idol Hollywood Week -- Crying! Drama! Some Of It Is Happening On The TV, Too!

It's American Idol Hollywood Week, so it's time to break out the champagne and the tears. 2016.01.28S15.E07

Paul Dano Shines In The Midst Of War And (Very Little) Peace

The star of the BBC/A&E remake of War And Peace is angsty, overburdened, and brilliant as always. 2016.01.25S01.E02

Last Audition Shows Are The Best Audition Shows

It's a wrap on American Idol auditions for its 15th and final season, and the talent has never looked...talented-er. 2016.01.22S15.E06

So Many Cities, So Little Seacrest

American Idol is visiting, like, nineteen cities tonight. Is the next Idol in the mix? 2016.01.21S15.E04

Denver And Little Rock Step Up On American Idol

American Idol continues its quest to crown its 15th and final winner. Related: apparently people still know who Hall & Oates are! 2016.01.15

Philadelphia Is The City Of Brotherly...Meh For American Idol

As American Idol heads to Philly in Episode 3 of its 15th and final season, the world is left asking itself, 'I wonder what else is on right now?' 2016.01.14S15.E03

Everything's Coming Up...Little Rock

American Idol heads to Little Rock and to San Francisco, where there are, apparently, some extremely impressive singers. And infants. 2016.01.08S15.E02

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