Andi Teran

Andi Teran writes about culture and style. When not tending a growing succulent garden, she can also be found entertaining somber cats with avant-garde haiku. She's contributed to Vanity Fair, Vogue, The Paris Review, and MTV Style, among others.

Breaking Bad's Upcoming 'Felina' Finale, Explained

...Possibly. This is just a CRACKPOT theory that could ALSO turn out to be totally spot on. 2013.09.24S05.E16

Pretty Little Liars Goes For The Gold And Loses

In this case, 'NBA' stands for 'Nix Boring "A."' 2013.06.19S04.E02

Kill Bill Or Kill Bill?

True Blood or Tarantino nightmare? 2013.06.17S06.E01

Where Did Our Gossip Girl Go?

The show is almost over and needs to get it together. 2012.11.13

Rewriting The Gifts Of Revenge

What brand-new mom feels like cramming into a strapless lace dress? Or going to a party, for that matter? 2012.11.12S02.E07

So You Want To Deal Drugs In Nashville!

This town is cracked-out, y'all. 2012.11.08S01.E05

Meet Gary Janetti, The Man Who's Going To Make 'Vicious' The Best Show Ever

Ian McKellen will also help, but Janetti is the jam. 2012.11.07

Chuck Bass's Bow Tie Speaks!

And he has a few things to say about Gossip Girl. 2012.11.06S06.E04

Who *Isn't* Scheming For Revenge On Revenge?

Maybe a couple of Victoria's maids, and...yep, that's it. 2012.11.05S02.E06


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