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Alex Zeidel is an aspiring administrative assistant and freelance writer who recently moved from Florida to Colorado where it’s too cold all time. He blogs about the shiny objects that catch his eye at SwankyTrash. One day, he hopes to successfully blackmail ABC Family into bringing back Bunheads.

America's Next Top Model Won't Go Down Without A Fight

It's the most volatile episode of the season yet, but will two models find love amidst the chaos? 2017.01.16S23.E06

America's Next Top Model Goes Gonzo While Shopping For Garbanzo Beans

Lady Gaga's fashion director is on hand to deck the models in fifteen pounds of fashion before shipping them off to the supermarket. 2017.01.09S23.E05

America's Next Top Model Gets Snappy With The Social Media Challenge

Not even a DJ Khalid speech on the metaphorical power of sunlight can stop the models from arguing like internet trolls. 2017.01.02S23.E04

America's Next Top Model Sheds Its Hair And Its Clothes

In this cycle's nude photo shoot, no one can hide their ill-conceived makeovers. 2016.12.26S23.E03

The Empress Has No Underwear On The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Erika and her nethers do their best to perk up an otherwise sleepy episode. 2016.12.21S07.E03

America's Next Top Model Throws A Mother F---ing Walk-Off

Cycle 23 kicks things off proper by inviting Stacey McKenzie and Zendaya to judge the models' walks. 2016.12.19S23.E02

The Man In The High Castle Is Back, And More Dystopian Than Ever

The Season 2 premiere, with an assist from the wonderful Stephen Root, lets its sci-fi freak flag fly. 2016.12.16S02.E01

When Are The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Not Celebrating A Birthday?

Though it's Dorit's turn for a milestone party, the queen of the night is Eileen. 2016.12.14S07.E02

Who Is Rita Ora, And Why Is She Sitting In Tyra's America's Next Top Model Chair?

And other not-so-burning questions from the premiere of VH1's revamped Top Model. 2016.12.12S23.E01

Capital One's Commercial Starring Jennifer Garner And Her Father Is An Affront To Humanity

Herewith: a measured, not-at-all hysterical plea to have everyone involved in this ad drawn and quartered. 2016.12.09

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Are Stuck In The Past

Not even the promise of a gaudy Erika Jayne party can save this premiere from the specter of last season. 2016.12.06S07.E01

Once Upon A Time Introduces A Whole New World

Get it? Because Aladdin. The headlines write themselves, people. 2016.10.24S06.E05

American Horror Story Finds Fun Ways To Kill Its Most Fun Characters

How long until the actual Lady Gaga starts referring to herself as 'the bitch with the real power'? 2016.10.07S06.E04

No One Is Safe From Janet's Wrath When The Real Housewives of Melbourne Reunite

And we finally crown our Season 3 Power Rankings queen! Can Jackie pull off a repeat victory, or will Gina ascend to her rightful throne? 2016.09.30S03.E12

Jackie Isn't Ready To Call It Quits On The Real Housewives Of Melbourne

While everyone else tries to mend fences for the season finale, Jackie uses the final gathering of the season to further defame her mortal enemy. 2016.09.23S03.E11

The Real Housewives Of Melbourne Should Have Never Returned To Melbourne

When the women take post-vacation vacations from one another, things get tedious. 2016.09.16S03.E10

The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion Part III: The Big-ish One

Find out where LuAnn and Tom's relationship stands (as if you don’t already know) in the finale of RHONYC's Season 8 finale. 2016.09.15S08.E23

The Real Housewives Of Melbourne Can't Decide Which Of Their Terrible Co-Stars Is The Terriblest

One is an unapologetic gossipmonger. One will start crying if you don't compliment her dress THIS SECOND. Who would you rather spend your vacation with? 2016.09.08S03.E09

The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion Part II: Ramona's Body Of Proof

Is Ramona hiding a smoking gun behind her reunion couch pillow of secrets? 2016.09.08S08.E22

The Real Housewives Of New York City Reunion Part I: Dorinda Can't Make It Nice

The annual airing of the New York Housewives' dirty laundry begins with a return to the Berkshires and, unfortunately, a reminder that John exists. 2016.09.01S08.E21