Adam Blau

Adam Blau is a Love Boat obsessive who has written music that played behind squirrel puppets, Robin Williams, Ice Cube, grumpy animated kitty-cats, Billy Eichner, Robert Downey, Jr, Zach Galifianakis, and Tori Spelling. He also wrote a musical [with Tracie Potochnik and Daniel J. Rogge] about the halcyon days of the Clinton administration. If you have access to a time machine that can travel back to the 1970s, please contact Adam on Twitter.

The Firefly Remixes: Crooner Editon

You can't take the jazzy vocals away from me. 2014.04.17

The Firefly Remixes: Early Depeche Mode

You can't take the synth pop away from me. 2014.04.15

The Firefly Remixes: Polka!

You can't take the oom-pah away from me. 2014.04.10

The Firefly Remixes: Yacht Rock!

You can't take the nautical lifestyle away from me. 2014.04.09


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