Matthias Clamer / FX; James Minchin / FX

Atlanta And Better Things Each Get Picked Up For A Second Season

Comedy writer/creators for the win!

What happened? This just in via press release: FX has renewed both its freshman sitcoms, Atlanta and Better Things!

Why has this happened? I can't really improve upon the press release stats: "Donald Glover's Atlanta, The Most Critically Acclaimed Comedy of the Year, Continues to Add Audience After Scoring the Best Premiere of Any Basic Cable Primetime Scripted Comedy in Over Three Years" and "Pamela Adlon's Better Things Draws Unanimous Critical Acclaim and FX's Most Female-Driven Audience Ever." That seems like a lot of baloney, so let me tell you as a human being who doesn't work in television: both shows are great, and the singular voices of their creator-stars shine through both, making them incredibly watchable and funny and smart. Also, after the American Crime Story sweep at the Emmys Sunday, FX is burnishing its reputation as a place where TV creators can actually be creative with a minimum of restraints. Look out, HBO.

What do I do now? Get on board! Atlanta airs Tuesdays at 10 PM ET, and Better Things Thursdays at 10 PM ET, both on FX.