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With The Mysterious Prometheus Out In The Open, Arrow Rounds Up More Enemies

Oliver needs more people to fight with!

When Prometheus was revealed as Adrian Chase, there was a lot of speculation about what exactly that meant. Was Prometheus just a guy with the same face as the District Attorney? Was it some kind of double con? And the answer is: no. The Adrian Chase who's the DA is the same one who's Prometheus. And now he's being evil in both roles, although I did enjoy him needling Rene by insisting that he still needed paperwork done.

Felicity is falling into a hacker underworld that looks very mid-'90s. If it were any more '90s, everyone at Helix would have been on rollerblades. It's supposedly a new thing that's leading her into hacking Homeland Security drones, but she's always done that stuff. Remember that time she had control of all the world's nuclear missiles? The only difference now is that she feels bad when she hacks into federal databases.

Prometheus has vague goals now. He keeps saying he wants to destroy Oliver rather than killing him, but what does that even mean? He just killed his own wife, so it seems like his evil plan is maybe backfiring a little. And what happened to The Vigilante? Is that guy ever going to come back, or did he die when Prometheus pushed him off that roof? And there's the most important question of all: how Arrow-y is this Arrow?

Arrow-ish Element Present?
Trick Arrow Oliver does use a gimmick to escape a room full of cops, but the smoke bomb does not appear to be archery-related in any way. Maybe now that Curtis has perfected his floating orbs, he could start to work on some fancy arrows.
Oliver Queen: A Jerk Oliver tries very hard to be nice to people. He doesn't even yell at Felicity for missing some superhero antics. Okay, he does have a tantrum that partially wrecked the Arrowlair, but he saves it until he's alone.
Comic book reference All the cool comic book fans already knew this mysterious Talia was the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, but it didn't count until she said it out loud.
Someone walks into the Arrowlair without warning This week, the Arrowlair is a private sanctuary that no one would ever breach. Although it's probably a race between Talia, Prometheus, and the members of Helix to see who's going to sneak in first.
Flashback scenes mirror the present day Okay, so there's someone in both timelines saying something along the lines of "If you kill me, you'll only really be killing yourself." But it doesn't make sense either time, so I'm not counting it. The flashbacks are just a bunch of shooting and drinking and hockey practice.
Things get gory All of this week's murders are symbolized by bloody knives, rather than having viscera everywhere.
The Only Hospital Room In Town This feels like a deliberate attack on me. We're at Star City General. We have a scene in a hospital room. But I don't think it's the room we've come to know and love. I guess the head of the Anti-Crime Unit doesn't merit the good room, because it looks like they're stashing him in a supply closet.
Someone gets kidnapped Susan spends most of the episode as a hostage, but I counted her kidnapping last time. Luckily for me, Prometheus is very into kidnapping people, so it's Oliver's turn this time. When you've got a giant jail cell like that, you probably feel like it's a waste not to kidnap people pretty frequently.
Someone goes shirtless But the good news for next week is that you don't keep a guy like Oliver prisoner and let him keep his shirt on.
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