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Old Villains Shoot Back Into Arrow

Unfortunately, everyone just wants to talk about the season arc, not the episode's alleged plot.

Prometheus is still out there, right? He still gets talked about from time to time, but it feels like it's been a really long time since he did anything actively villainous. The only reason he tipped off the Anti-Crime Unit about the Billy Malone murder was that Oliver went and bothered his mom. And without him, we still had that whole plot about a jailbreak by three of Green Arrow's most iconic archenemies. There was Cupid, the archer who's obsessed with love. There was China White, the deadly assassin. And there was Liza Warner, who I will freely admit I do not remember even a little bit. I guess she was a cop? Look, I can't memorize every single-episode crook who rotates through.

Judging from the episode title -- "The Sin-Eater" -- this was supposed to be about Oliver attempting to atone for the sins of other people. That could have applied in Season 2 or so, when he was consumed with guilt about the various villainous actions taken by his parents. But it didn't seem that relevant in an episode that was primarily about catching escaped convicts and trying to keep a lid on Green Arrow's secret identity. Oliver's relationship with Susan Williams is in trouble, but on the other hand, she's so boring I always just think of her as "the reporter." Thea had Felicity destroy her for knowing too much about Green Arrow, which is not a good plan. Now she's got nothing to lose by making all her information public, right?

There was also some stuff about Dinah, who is now a police officer again and is being talked into being the new Black Canary. She still hasn't shown a personality, though, so there's not a lot of dramatic tension there.

How Arrow-y is Arrow this week?

Arrow-ish Element Present?
Trick Arrow Look. Forget about the trick arrows. Sure, Oliver had explosive arrows that he used to wreck up the cemetery. Great. Doesn't matter. Because in this episode, he breaks out a trick BOW, which shoots fireworks in all directions to let him escape like a ninja with a smoke bomb. Even though he was completely surrounded by police with their guns drawn. And it was a small room with limited exits. I think you'll agree that that's one heck of a bow.
Oliver Queen: A Jerk Hey, Oliver? Thea was 100% right, and you don't get to lecture her. Did she consider that Susan Williams might not be able to get a new job in journalism? Well, since she was sleeping with the guy she was supposed to be covering, I might suggest that she should have found a new line of work anyway. It's also not super-cool of you to use your position as mayor to protect your nighttime activities. I'm mostly on your side, but that's a clear conflict of interest.
Comic Book Reference Opal City is where Starman is from. There are several Starmans (Starmen?), and almost all of them are from Opal City. That would be a good city slogan: Opal City: City Of Starmen. (Don't think Oak Hill was anything.)
Someone Walks Into The Arrowlair Without Warning It seems like it's been a long time since we saw Thea in the Arrowlair, but it's been a long time since we saw her anywhere. I'm pretty sure she still has the keys. I do wonder what the entrance looks like, since we haven't been up there since it was Oliver's abandoned campaign office.
Flashback Scenes Mirror The Present Day Not at all. The script tries to convince us otherwise by having people in the past and the present both talk about "sin" a few times, but Oliver hiding Anatoly and then shooting a bunch of Russians does not inform the modern plot at all. Modern-day Oliver isn't trying to atone for other people's sins because he has plenty of his own to worry about.
Things Get Gory That room full of dead Triad members was kind of dark, I thought.
The Only Hospital Room In Town Just that Russian hospital room again. Hospital rooms in flashbacks are stealing all the screen time that should be devoted to the modern-day room.
Someone Gets Kidnapped Being arrested after breaking out of prison does not count as being kidnapped.
Someone Goes Shirtless Even Anatoly had his shirt on, and he's in a hospital bed.
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