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Marry, Ascend, Kill

Almost everyone travels to Nanda Parbat for a last-ditch attempt to foil Ra's's plans. It doesn't go perfectly.

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    Oliver Queen is dead. Well, not really, but he's got a new name that may or may not be actual Arabic, and he's supposed to marry Nyssa and then poison all of Starling City. So the man we all knew as Oliver Queen is symbolically dead. Except even that isn't true, because it's not like the show is going to be all assassins from now on. For one thing, the previews for the Flash finale clearly include Oliver in his green hood, Arrow-ing it up.

  • Alert!

    Diggle Smash!

    Alert Type: Poor Self-Control Alert.

    Issue: With Oliver gone (again) it's up to Diggle, Laurel, and Felicity to fight crime in Starling City (again). They follow a simple, straightforward plan, in which Diggle chases a bad guy into a dead end where the bad guy's pals are waiting with machine guns, and then Laurel hits them with the Canary Cry to soften them up for the beatings.

    Complicating Factors: Diggle's got some unresolved issues about Oliver deserting them. And he takes them out on one of the bad guys, punching and punching and punching.

    Resolution: He eventually stops, and everyone returns to the Secondary Arrowlair. Well, not everyone. The bad guys stay on the ground and bleed.

    Spoiler: Diggle's going to be cranky about Oliver for quite some time. He will also claim that Oliver used to be his best friend, which is kind of sad. Oliver does not treat Diggle like a friend, and I think Diggle should try to find some interests outside the vigilante thing. Maybe he could get to know his wife better? I don't know; I'm just spitballing here.

  • Wanted



    for leaving before his time

    Name: Roy "Arsenal" Harper.

    Last Seen: Pretending to die in Iron Heights Prison, where he was awaiting trial for being the Arrow..

    Likely Punishment: They'd probably put him back in prison for escaping. And then they'd convict him of either being the Arrow or pretending to be the Arrow.

    Reward: This is going to sound a little weird, but if you find this dangerous fugitive, a night of hedonistic sex will be your reward.

  • On The Menu

    Dinner With The Al Ghuls

    Just because Ra's al Ghul is forcing his daughter to marry Oliver doesn't mean they can't gather around the dinner table and have some family time.

    Bitter Recriminations: Nyssa hates Oliver, because she feels that he has no right to be the chosen successor to Ra's. And apparently the League of Assassins isn't one of those deals where the wife of the leader gets some run-off power. She's not psyched about being relegated to being a baby machine.

    Tibetan Cuisine: Okay, I don't know what they're actually eating. It's whatever people in Tibet eat. Assassins all seem to be in pretty good shape, so it's probably something high in protein. Let's just assume it's some delicious slow-cooked yak.

    Awkwardness: It's awkward to eat dinner with your betrothed and the family. Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro have picked up some very acceptable paychecks exploring this concept.

  • Meeting Time

    Fireside Chat

    Who called the meeting? No one! Oliver and Malcolm just naturally know that it's time to talk.

    What's it about? The audience needs to be explicitly told that Oliver's only pretending to be a brainwashed assassin.

    How'd it go? Great! The plot got pushed forward very nicely. Oliver tells Malcolm that Ra's is planning on hitting Starling City with the Alpha-Omega virus by using a jet. Malcolm thinks that's surprisingly modern, although he doesn't explain how else the virus is going to get to Starling City. I realize I went on about the travel time last week, but seriously. We just saw Malcolm in Starling City, now he's in Nanda Parbat, and he's going to go back to Starling and then BACK to Nanda Parbat in this episode. With this much global travel, you definitely want to use the most modern transportation you can find.

  • Love, Hate & Everything In Between

    Oh, Sweet Mr. Roy Of Life, At Last I've Found You

    Roy's time off the show has turned out to be less permanent than it looked, because Thea has no trouble finding him at an auto repair place. And then she has no trouble getting him to take her to his HUGE sublet apartment. Check this place out:


    It would seem that life on the run is more lucrative than you'd think. Anyway, Thea takes advantage of having a week off from the primary plot. While everyone else is dealing with Oliver's thing, she's sexing up Roy and getting sexed up in return.


    Maybe, just maybe, these two ridiculously attractive people have a chance at finding love after all.

  • Snapshot

    Meet The New Boss

    Felicity is currently a Vice President of Palmer Technologies, formerly Queen Consolidated. Remember how she thought she was going to be an assistant, but then found out she had a much better job? It's that. And now Ray is having her sign things she doesn't even read, and it's a "Transfer of Ownership." Felicity the new owner of this company? Even though it's been clearly shown to be a publicly traded company? Weird.

  • Meeting Time

    Fool Me One Hundred Times, Shame On Me

    Who called the meeting? Malcolm Merlyn.

    What's it about? He needs to convince Team Arrow to come help out Oliver. The guy who kidnapped Diggle's wife just last week.

    How'd it go? Everyone shouts at Malcolm about how he's an evil liar and mass murderer. Which isn't wrong. But he has a surprise witness: Tatsu Yamashiro! This doesn't cause much of a splash, because she's mostly been in the flashbacks, which means that Team Arrow has no idea who she is. This spawns another round of yelling, this time about how little sense any of this makes. But Malcolm has arranged a flight to Nanda Parbat on Ferris Air the next morning, so eventually everybody agrees to go, if only because the season finale is right around the corner. Incidentally, "Ferris Air" is a Green Lantern reference. Neat.

  • Fashion Show

    Get The Look: Katana

    Tatsu has been on the show long enough without having a superhero name, so it's time for her to become her comic book identity: Katana. That's right; her name is just a kind of sword.

    Katana: You can't be called Katana if you don't have a katana. It would just be weird.

    Half A Mask: And not the Phantom of the Opera kind of half mask. She's got just her forehead and cheekbones covered. Speaking of things that are weird.

  • Alert!

    Night Of A Million Billion Ninjas

    Alert Type: Ninja Attack Alert.

    Issue: The entire plan was to fly to Nanda Parbat, then have Felicity hack the jet with her tablet device.

    Complicating Factors: There are assassins all over the place, and they require a lot of killing.

    Resolution: The fight goes pretty well, with even Laurel managing to take out many, many trained assassins. But Felicity can't finish the hacking, because an arrow breaks her tablet. She tries throwing the tablet at the assassin, which is commendable thinking.

    Spoiler: The tablet does not actually kill the assassin; Malcolm has to step in with the assist.

  • Hell Yeah!


    The jet full of bio-weapon juice is taking off, so all appears lost. But then! Out of nowhere! Ray Palmer and his ATOM suit zoom in and engage in aerial dogfight stuff. It's pretty cool to watch, although one has to ask how Ray got here from Starling City without Malcolm knowing he was there. Does the ATOM suit have enough juice to fly that far? Or did Ray just take his own jet, in which case the Ferris Air stop was pointless? At any rate, although it looks neat during the show, it does not lend itself to a screenshot, which is why you get a picture of Felicity and Malcolm watching.

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Yamashiro vs. Yamashiro

    Maseo has spent too much time as a loyal assassin to be redeemed, and there's some easy drama to be had by having the two Yamashiros fight to the death. Having said that, it's pretty sweet when they both use "Tell Akio I love him" as their line before trying to kill the other.

    Winner: Tatsu (or "Katana," I guess, because she's got the mask and the sword) kills Maseo. Bye, Maseo! See you in the flashbacks!

  • Passages

    Pardon Me, Roy, Is That The -- Oh, You Left Already

    Thea seems to have enjoyed her night of passion with Roy. She's hoping to convince him to go back to risking his life by punching bad guys in the night, since everyone thinks "Roy" and "The Arrow" are dead. Nobody cares if Arsenal shows up on the streets again. But apparently Roy does, because he has left. Again. Well, it was nice to see him, wasn't it?

  • Passages

    R.I.P. Akio

    We've known for a long time that Akio (Maseo and Tatsu's kid) was going to die tragically in the flashbacks. And he ended the last episode having been dosed with a lethal bio-weapon, so this is not the biggest surprise in the world. But, for the record: Akio's dead now. Oliver and Maseo tried kidnapping General Shrieve, but the alleged cure was just insulin, and now Shrieve has captured them. Or something like that.

  • Party!
    Screens: The CW

    Screens: The CW

    Dearly Beloved And Also Ninjas

    What's the occasion? Oliver is marrying Nyssa, even though neither of them wants to. It's an old-fashioned wedding!

    What are the activities at the reception? Throwing the bouquet, cutting the cake, and burying the dozens of assassin corpses that are right outside.

    Does the actual marriage ceremony finish in this episode? No. Don't be silly.

  • Passages

    R.I.P. Everybody

    That big fight scene earlier ended with even more ninjas coming out and capturing the team. Oliver tries to convince them that he's still a good guy, but everyone's pretty mad at him. This all might be moot, though, because Ra's eventually just throws a vial of bio-weapon virus into their cell, apparently killing everyone on Team Arrow. Even Ray, who was just trying to help. So absolutely everyone is dead, and there's nothing to stop Ra's from making Oliver marry Nyssa, ascend to the head of the League of Assassins, and kill everyone in Starling City.

    Unless this is just a trick and they're not dead. But what are the chances of that, right?

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