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Arrow Takes On Politics

Just like the real world, everything is solved by a few five-minute speeches and good intentions.

Everyone's very concerned about whether Oliver Queen will be impeached as mayor. Well, everyone on the show. I personally was not all that invested in the issue, since Oliver appears to be a terrible mayor. Until the last couple of weeks, he's shown no interest in even doing the job. And the political storylines on Arrow are not exactly The West Wing. They're not even Benson. If you're into UPN deep cuts, they're not even The Secret Diary Of Desmond Pfeiffer. I've got more comparisons, if you want. Remember That's My Bush!? It was terrible. But an impeachment storyline would have meant something there. But here? Go ahead. Impeach Oliver. No one else even wanted the job. And he's only in trouble because he used his power as mayor to cover up his own accidental murder of a police officer. I'm not sure impeachment is entirely unfair.

Luckily, there were other things going on in this episode. Like how we learned that Prometheus's secret identity is District Attorney Adrian Chase. Quite a twist, right? Instead of being Vigilante, Chase is the other guy. I'm not 100% sure this lines up with everything we know about Prometheus and Adrian Chase, but so what? Don't look a shocking revelation in the mouth, right?

Oh, and there's also a bunch of stuff about Felicity and Thea losing their moral compasses, but I wasn't on board with any of it. I still don't feel bad about Susan Williams being fired, because she was objectively unethical at her job. And she had plenty of evidence about Oliver being Green Arrow, which could easily have convinced people that the plagiarism charges were fake. But I guess we need an excuse to shuttle Willa Holland back off the show for a while. Felicity's motivation for joining Helix isn't as clear. Maybe when Diggle said that the Pandora database sounded like a weapon, she remembered Team Arrow's general attitude toward weapons. I mean, the team is literally named after a weapon. So they must be great!

While the merits of the political shenanigans could be debated all week, the real question is this: How Arrow-y was Arrow?

Arrow-ish Element Present?
Trick Arrow There's no time for cool trick arrows when we could be watching press conferences and subcommittee meetings!
Oliver Queen: A Jerk It's a close call. He did a good job of not letting people take the fall for him, which I think surprised Adrian Chase. On the other hand, I don't like how he spoke to Felicity and Thea. I'm going to break the tie in favor of non-jerk-ness because he let Curtis leave in the middle of his big speech.
Comic book reference I was hoping that Mayor Prescott, who was removed from office in 1898, would turn out to be some kind of Jonah Hex thing. But I don't think he was.
Someone walks into the Arrowlair without warning Not this week either! But I'm starting to hope that maybe the Vigilante will break in and ask for help fighting Prometheus or something.
Flashback scenes mirror the present day I mean, I guess there was kind of a vote that went in favor of Anatoly, and that's kind of like the vote that went Oliver's way. But that's a huge stretch. Rejected!
Things get gory Even though Vigilante fell off a roof, he seemed to basically be okay later.
The Only Hospital Room In Town Hello, old friend! It seemed weird at first that Star City has concussion protocols for its elected officials, but then I realized that it was probably due to the Hospital Room lobby. Which is not to be confused with the Hospital Lobby lobby, which has very little power. We never see that lobby.
Someone gets kidnapped Technically, I think Susan is going to get kidnapped between this episode and the next one, but the process clearly started in the last scene.
Someone goes shirtless Maybe if Oliver had taken his shirt off, that impeachment hearing would have been over faster.
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