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Arrow Lets Prometheus Win

Oliver Queen seriously considers turning the show into a pure political thriller. Then he goes back to comic book stuff.

So Oliver's shutting down Team Arrow and quitting the superhero business, huh? That is a big decision that lasts nearly one whole episode, which is about how long everyone expected it to. His reasoning is a little muddy, which is also par for the course. As near as I could work it out, he felt bad about the way he enjoyed killing people, so the only solution was to invite the Bratva into Star City and let them steal a bunch of drugs in return for their killing Adrian Chase, which is something he absolutely refuses to do himself. This annoys Diggle so much that he makes Team Arrow stop the Bratva in mid-assassination, because...I'm not sure. Because he didn't want any more drugs stolen, I think, but they were still going to steal those drugs anyway. He might as well have let them take care of the notorious serial killer as long as they were in town.

Felicity doesn't seem that bothered by the team's temporary dissolution, because she has her own gang of telegenic hackers to hang out with. If Helix is ever going to turn out to have sinister motives, they're going to have to start exhibiting them, because all they've done so far is be very helpful with whatever Felicity needs. Everyone talks about how she's going to the dark side, but it's not like she's never hacked anything before.

So we have an episode that begins with the Arrowlair being shut down, and ends with it being re-opened for business. Along the way, Adrian Chase nearly gets killed, but then he escapes, then he gets revealed as Prometheus, and then he escapes again, presumably to go back to murdering people.

With no Green Arrow out on the streets, how Arrow-y is Arrow?

Arrow-ish Element Present?
Trick arrow For a show called Arrow, there's a shocking lack of flying projectiles. the only arrows to even show up on screen are in the flashbacks, and even then, Oliver just uses them to stab somebody. And while that's not exactly a standard use for an arrow, I'm pretty sure you don't need a special arrow to do it.
Oliver Queen: A Jerk Look, you don't just get to end everybody's fun because you feel guilty about being a vigilante. Rene was already vigilante-ing when you first met him. It's also kind of rude to act like Anatoly owed you a free murder just because you were pals five years ago.
Comic book reference It hasn't been brought up recently, so I'm going to remind everyone that Kord Industries is named after Ted Kord, who's a Blue Beetle. He's also one of those super-rich inventors that comic books tend to be full of.
Someone walks into the Arrowlair without warning I'm counting Anatoly suddenly being there, even though Oliver knew he was there. It was a surprise to the audience, and we're more important. We also get to see Curtis walking into Helix without warning, which is fun.
Flashback scenes mirror the present day We actually got to see Anatoly's character arc. Sort of. Five years ago, he wanted to get some tuberculosis medicine for children, but now he doesn't care about robbing diabetes patients if he can make some super-heroin. it turns out that being in charge of the Russian Mafia doesn't necessarily make you a great guy, no matter how much fun your accent is.
Things get gory There wasn't that much blood this time out. Okay, Chase stabbed a dude in the eye with a pen, but it was mostly offscreen.
The Only Hospital Room In Town Oliver's so tough that he doesn't go to the hospital even when he's had a tattoo removed with a blowtorch.
Someone gets kidnapped The closest thing to a kidnapping is Adrian Chase whining a little when he was being put in protective custody. Doesn't count.
Someone goes shirtless Oliver's still shirtless from last episode. He puts a shirt on right away, but not fast enough to escape the all-seeing eye of the internet.
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