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Arrow Gets Locked In A Small Room

Oliver and Felicity can't escape each other, so they're forced to address their relationship. And also escape the deadly methane.

Oliver's still not ready to put on his costume and get back to the important business of shooting bad guys with arrows. But he's still got something to occupy his time, because he and Felicity got trapped in the Arrowlair for the whole episode. It seems that Adrian Chase has access to a special kind of EMP that shuts down all electronics except for the ones that power a particular kind of ambient purple light. Along the way, we learned all sorts of secrets about the Arrowlair. Like that there's an emergency exit and a garage! But neither of them works after an EMP, so it's only useful if you're trying to draw a blueprint.

Felicity's legs stop working, because someone remembered that she has a spinal implant. This allows for a physical manifestation of the episode's general theme of trust. Does Oliver trust Felicity? Does she trust him? Do John and Lyla trust each other? And so forth. It's a good thing they thought to leave a wheelchair in the Arrowlair, but Felicity still ends up getting carried out through a steam tunnel while Oliver passes out occasionally. At the end, Oliver's years of salmon ladder training (and, let's be honest, showing off) pay off as he manages to drag Felicity up a regular ladder using only one arm. It's pretty impressive, actually.

The focus is on Oliver and Felicity (which is reasonable), but there's also some talk about John and Lyla. John's still sulking that Lyla's having Argus do some extra-legal things, even though that's their whole purpose. She eventually manages to make him realize that Team Arrow is not entirely on the up-and-up, legal-wise. But that doesn't take much of the airtime. The important question is this: how Arrow-y is this Arrow?

Arrow-ish Element Present?
Trick Arrow We've seen explosive arrows before, but this time Oliver has an extra-special explosive arrow, lovingly handcrafted by Felicity. And he has to hit his target within a centimeter, or they'll both die in an explosion of methane. Which is always how I've kind of thought I'd go. But never mind that.
Oliver Queen: A Jerk Okay, he's a little brusque with Felicity when he decides to ignore her advice not to try to elevator shaft. But he spends the rest of the episode apologizing, so I'm going to give him a pass.
Comic book reference I got excited at the mention of Werner Zytle, but then I remembered he'd actually been on the show already. And I didn't recognize that imaginary nuke-proof metal the door was made of.
Someone walks into the Arrowlair without warning Last week, I wasn't sure if the explosion was due to Helix sabotage, but Felicity was confident that Adrian Chase was definitely inside the Arrowlair in order to set off the EMP. So there you go! Incidentally, the characters have started calling it "the bunker," but I'm not on board.
Flashback scenes mirror the present day Let's see. The flashbacks take place eleven months ago, and they consist of Felicity and Oliver in the Arrowlair arguing about trust and having sex. Replace the sex with a deathtrap escape, and that's basically what happens in the regular storyline. But let me pitch something: why not combine the sex and the deathtrap? I guess that's probably not going to fly on a broadcast network.
Things get gory When Felicity is stitching up Oliver's wound, the camera really gets right up in there, huh?
The Only Hospital Room In Town Whoa! Not only do we not see the regular hospital room, we see a completely different one. Apparently Argus maintains its own secret hospital room for nefarious purposes. But speaking of sets we rarely see, I was pleased to see that Oliver's old campaign office above the Arrowlair is still vacant.
Someone gets kidnapped Does it count as being kidnapped if you're trapped in a place where you spend all your time anyway? Don't bother answering, because I've already decided that it does not. I'm worried for young master William, but when the episode ends, he has not yet been kidnapped.
Someone goes shirtless In the flashbacks, Oliver and Felicity get drunk and play around on the exercise equipment. That could have led to shirtlessness by itself, but then they decide to have sex. They both lose their shirts, but I feel like the camera was more interested in Oliver's torso.
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