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Arrow Gets Generational

The fathers on this show have not, on the whole, done a great job.

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    Thea's dying. Of course, everyone on this show leads a fairly risky life, to the point where the hospital set is basically a series regular. But Thea's in an actual coma, which is the worst she's looked since that time she was dead. Nyssa al Ghul has shown up and promised to save her with something called the "Lotus Elixir" if Oliver kills Malcolm Merlyn. Oh, and Felicity's long-lost father turns out to be a super-villain hacker who wants to reconnect with her.

  • Love, Hate & Everything In Between

    Family Reunion

    Felicity's father walked out on his family when Felicity was young and impressionable, although she was old enough to learn how to hold a grudge. Surprisingly, he's not hiding the fact that he's the nefarious Calculator. Almost the first thing out of his mouth is that he found her because he was interested in tracking down the person who foiled him. He even says, "We are the same, you and I," which is normally what a villain says after at least a few months of cat-and-mouse games with a hero. Felicity's not interested in any of it, so he gives her a thumb drive of evidence that he's really a villain. It's an unusual tactic.

  • That Quote
    "Let me see if I've got this right. There's a magic potion that could cure Thea's bloodlust that we've never heard of, but Nyssa conveniently has. I've been holding off telling you this for years, Oliver. You're very handsome. Not especially bright."
    - Malcolm Merlyn, dropping truth bombs -
  • Meeting Time

    Stop The Madness

    Who called the meeting? Laurel Lance.

    What's it about? She's come to Nyssa al Ghul to try to broker some kind of deal that doesn't involve Oliver killing Malcolm.

    How'd it go? Nyssa will not listen to reason. Nor will she just go kill Malcolm herself if it's so important to her. The only way she'll consider saving Thea's life is if Oliver goes back to his murdering ways. She's willing to consider sharing the Lotus Elixir if Malcolm just gives her the Demon's HEad Ring that makes him Ra's al Ghul, but what are the odds of that happening?

  • Alert!

    I Got A Rock

    Alert Type: Flashback Alert.

    Issue: Oliver is still imprisoned with Taiana five years ago.

    Complicating Factors: He's sick and she just learned that Oliver killed her brother. So tensions are running high.

    Resolution: Oliver's got a doohickey that Baron Reiter wants, so Taiana hands it over in return for being set free.

    Spoiler: Reiter's not setting anyone free any time soon. But thanks for the doohickey!

  • Wanted



    for being unreasonable

    Name: Nyssa al Ghul

    Last Seen: At the League of Assassins' branch office in Star City.

    Likely Punishment: Being forced to not get her way all the time.

    Reward: You get three ninjas of your choice. Good ones, not cannon fodder.

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Nyssa al Ghul vs. Malcolm Merlyn

    With neither side willing to negotiate, it was inevitable that Nyssa and Malcolm would fight. And of course it happens when both of them have small ninja armies standing around, just waiting for a brawl.

    Winner: Nobody, because Nyssa and Malcolm are both tertiary characters, and the rules of storytelling dictate that this be resolved by someone who's at least a regular.

  • Meeting Time

    Plot Crossover (But Not A Crossover Plot)

    Who called the meeting? Felicity and Oliver have a moment to chat in the Arrowlair.

    What's it about? They need to update each other on their plots and offer helpful advice.

    How'd it go? Felicity is in a real anti-father place right now, because her deadbeat father's excuse for leaving was "The cops were after me and I didn't think a little girl should go on the lam." So she thinks Oliver should just kill Malcolm even though Malcolm is Thea's father. Oliver, who lost his father in a more literal and visceral way on the island, thinks that Thea should reconnect with her dad. Although it seems like a mistake to expect a lot of emotional connection from a dude who called himself "The Calculator."

  • Place Of Interest

    Up On The Roof

    After several meetings that all went nowhere, Oliver has finally convinced Nyssa and Malcolm to meet on a picturesque rooftop to finally battle to the death. Everyone's there, including Felicity, which suggests that it's a surprisingly accessible rooftop. But Oliver's crazy plans aren't finished: he steps in to fight for Nyssa on the grounds that they're married by the rules of the League. The League has some dumb rules. But you can't argue with their decorating instincts, because someone clearly decided to drag those giant torches up here. Also, for a rooftop, this isn't that remote a location. Everything that happens is clearly visible to all those office windows in the background.

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Oliver Queen vs. Malcolm Merlyn

    Finally! It is on! Sure, they've fought before, but this is the big, serious fight where Malcolm straight-up dares Oliver to kill him. And honestly, it wouldn't be the worst idea ever. But Oliver killed too many nameless guys in the first season to get away with ending a serial murderer now, so he just cuts off Malcolm's arm. You know, the one with the hand that's wearing the Ra's al Ghul ring. Then he whops Malcolm in the head so he goes unconscious.

    Winner: Oliver Queen, who's better at swordfighting than he used to be. Also Nyssa, because she gets the ring and becomes the new Ra's al Ghul. And Thea, because Nyssa gives up the elixir. Everybody's happy! Except Malcolm.

  • Alert!

    Get Up, Slacker

    Alert Type: Miracle Cure Alert.

    Issue: Nyssa has turned over the lotus potion, and now Thea is fine. Bloodlust cured and everything!

    Complicating Factors: Eventually, they'll have to face Damien Darhk and his death touch again. Seems like it might have been a good idea to hold onto the bloodlust that magically stops it.

    Resolution: All lingering side effects from Thea's death have been reversed, and she's free to proceed with her romance with that campaign advisor dude.

    Spoiler: The next time someone dies, they might not be so lucky.

  • Love, Hate & Everything In Between

    Where There's Smoak There's Daddy Issues

    Felicity has had about enough of her father. Apparently bringing her an ingenious portable ramp isn't enough to outweigh abandoning her and also being a career criminal. So she not only delivers a blistering speech, she's also brought the police in to take him away. She probably keeps the ramp, though, because that's just being practical.

  • Symbolism

    After All That Work?!

    The Scene: Nyssa summons Oliver, Laurel, and Malcolm to the League's Star City satellite office.

    The Symbol: The ring of leadership that people have spent the whole episode obsessing about, which Nyssa chooses to throw in the fire after dissolving the League Of Assassins.

    The Meaning: Somebody on the writing staff really liked The Lord Of The Rings.

  • Meeting Time

    This Ain't Over

    Who called the meeting? Malcolm Merlyn.

    What's it about? Nyssa's decision to hunt down the League Of Assassins has enraged him. He needs to take some kind of revenge on Oliver that's even worse than killing him, so he's decided to help out Damien Darhk.

    How'd it go? Darhk seems a little surprised to be back on the show after a few weeks off, and he doesn't think he needs any advice from Malcolm Merlyn about how to get at Oliver Queen. After all, he already got at Felicity Smoak. But Malcolm has another recommendation: attack Oliver's secret son, William. Didn't see that coming, did you, Damien?

  • Wrap It Up

    Oliver and Felicity have a brief moment to relax and they agree that they should probably get married as quickly as they can before something else goes wrong. It does not appear to occur to them that even the smallest wedding ceremony is just asking for villain-related trouble.


    In the flashbacks, Baron Reiter announces that Oliver's doohickey was the last piece he needed to discover where to go next. He's deep in some kind of multiple-stage scavenger hunt, but now he knows what to do next: he'll dig. Which probably means that Oliver will be doing the actual digging. You dig?

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