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Arrow Faces Some Competition

There's a new kid in town, and he's infringing on Oliver Queen's turf.

One of the running themes of Arrow is that Oliver Queen hates competition. It's perfectly okay for him to run around at night and fight crime, but as soon as anyone else shows up in town, he's outraged. And that means he's outraged a lot, because Star City is number one on every vigilante's list of dream destinations. The latest guy in town goes by the somewhat generic moniker "The Vigilante," which I'm pretty sure people were calling Oliver in the first season.

Oliver's hunt for the Vigilante is combined with his hunt for a gang of bank robbers. There are an awful lot of banks in Star City, and they all seem pretty easy to rob. It's a surprise anyone in Star City still has money to put in the bank in the first place, but I guess bank robbers have to do something with their ill-gotten gains. And it's good that Oliver has a secondary target, because when the Vigilante escapes, Oliver can at least take down the leader of the bank robbers. As long as he's putting someone away, he can consider it a day well spent.

In the daylight world, Mayor Oliver seems to be getting on top of his job. The reporter that used to be all over him is now buying him drinks and saying things like "Don't be so hard on yourself." Although that's balanced by Quentin Lance resigning as Deputy Mayor just because he's been getting blackout drunk every night. He's also waking up with blood on his hands and finding Prometheus's throwing stars around his apartment, but nobody really thinks Quentin is Prometheus. I love the guy, but he's just not in the kind of physical shape you'd need to be for some of Prometheus's stunts.

Anyway. How Arrow-y was Arrow, anyway?

Arrow-ish Element Present?
Trick Arrow Oh. Oh ho ho ho. It's going to be tough to beat this trick arrow. Oliver and Eric Dunn were trapped in a hotel room that was being shot up by Vigilante. No problem! Oliver just reached into his quiver and pulled out the Bulletproof Net Arrow. And presto, there was a bulletproof net that covered the window. It was a great plan, although Vigilante just switched to a rocket launcher, against which the bulletproof net was relatively ineffective.
Oliver Queen: A Jerk I'm going to give Oliver credit for trying really hard to be a nice guy when his team decided they were okay with Vigilante killing people one week after they all called him a serial killer. And his relative politeness was rewarded when the one reporter in town agreed not to make a big deal out of this week's murder spree. He didn't even get mad when he found out that Quentin was in rehab, although he did break off a pretty good eye-roll.
Comic book reference Well, there's a dude in DC Comics called "Vigilante," so that's something. In fact, there are at least five of them, but the one running around Star City is probably not the guy with the six-guns from the Old West. But one of the other ones had the real name "Adrian Chase," which happens to be the name of the District Attorney who showed an unexpectedly violent side this week. So...let's just assume it's that one.
Someone walks into the Arrowlair without warning. There really isn't enough room in the Lair for someone new to wander in. It's about time for the team to get tragically thinned out a little, if you ask me.
Flashback scenes mirror the present day. Barely, but I'm willing to count Dolph saying, "Who's to say who's the monster, and who is the hero?" as a parallel to Oliver's crisis where he couldn't decide if he was really any better than Vigilante.
Things get gory. It takes more than a slowly spreading pool of blood to impress me these days. And Wild Dog's facial wounds have almost healed.
The Only Hospital Room In Town Aw, come on! How are we going to understand the high-stakes life Oliver leads if no one goes to the hospital? You'd think we could at least have gotten a heart-wrenching flashback to Laurel's death when Quentin was having his breakdown.
Someone gets kidnapped. I considered counting Quentin, who is now at New Oasis, but he wisely agreed to check himself into rehab instead of making Thea force him.
Someone goes shirtless. Diggle spent a lot of the episode feeling strong emotions about having missed his kid's second birthday. And he burned off some of that energy at the end by taking off his shirt and hitting the heavy bag to show how absolutely ripped he is. It worked for the exercising, but when Wild Dog brought the Diggles in for a second birthday party, John probably felt a little silly about it.
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