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Arrow Experiences A Range Of Emotion

Oliver's trying to rebuild his team, but he's running into problems with how big a jerk he can be.

  • Previously

    Last season, every nuclear weapon on the planet was launched simultaneously. And all but one was diverted so it went into outer space, which is a pretty good result. Except for the people in the one city that got blown up. And anybody in outer space, I guess. This season, there's a guy named Tobias Church who's causing trouble. Oliver is hoping to combat him with a team of new recruits, including Curtis Holt, Evelyn Sharp, and Rene Ramirez, who's already being called Wild Dog.

  • Meeting Time

    Wanna Join My Club?

    Who called the meeting? Oliver "Green Arrow" Queen.

    What's it about? He's extending a formal invitation to Rene to join his team.

    How'd it go? It could have gone better. Instead of sending Rene something on Facebook, he dangles Rene by his ankle (with an ankle-dangling arrow) and leaves a note on the ground. But Rene ends up accepting anyway, possibly out of curiosity about who thinks this is an acceptable way to extend invitations.

  • Hell Yeah!

    Climbing The Ladder

    This is where Curtis Holt begins his journey to superhero-hood. And naturally, that involves doing the salmon ladder. Oliver has very specific ideas of how you become a hero. Curtis isn't great at it right away, so Oliver shows him how it's done.


    Unfortunately, that reads a lot like showing off. Especially since Oliver's doing it without even taking his suit off.

  • Character Study

    The New Guy

    Name: Private Collins.
    Age: Young and fresh-faced.
    Occupation: Brand-new soldier.
    Goal: To survive this, his first deployment.
    Sample Dialogue: "I don't want to be scared. But I am."
  • Meeting Time

    Acting Like A Mayor For Once

    Who called the meeting? Oliver.

    What's it about? He wants to get corporate sponsorship for a new clinic to help replace the hospitals that have been closing in Star City.

    How'd it go? The CEO and VP of AmerTek would be delighted to bankroll the entire project, because they're desperate for good publicity. This delights Thea, because it will help Oliver's approval ratings. But Oliver doesn't care about that, because he actually has no interest in being mayor. It's a lot like when he was CEO of Queen Consolidated. It's just an inconvenience for him because it means less time shooting arrows from rooftops.

  • Awkward

    Green Arrow Boot Camp

    Situation: Oliver is beginning to train his new team.

    What makes it awkward? He insists on wearing his mask and hood so they only know him as "Green Arrow," even though everyone else, including Curtis and Felicity, is using their real names.

    How is order restored? Oliver employs his patented training method of screaming at people and punching them. He demonstrates that he's better at fighting than they are, but not much else.

  • Passages

    R.I.P. Mr. Wonder

    Mr. Wonder was the vice president of AmerTek. He seems like he might have been an okay guy, since his last act was to give a homeless person some money. Unfortunately, the homeless person in question turns out to have some kind of shadow-tentacle power, and that's it for Mr. Wonder. Sorry, dude.

  • That Quote
    "The goal of this exercise is to figure out the goal of this exercise."
    - Oliver, mixing some zen-like nonsense into his training regimen -
  • Love, Hate & Everything In Between

    Not On The Same Page

    Oliver's "training" doesn't go too far before Felicity pulls him aside to yell at him. This doesn't convince him he's in the wrong, and he just glowers harder. But his bad mood isn't rubbing off on Felicity, because when he says the new recruits are "too green," she points out that the same could be said about him, and then laughs at her own joke. They look like the tragedy and comedy masks for theatre.

  • Plot Lightning Round

    Another Successful Charity Event In Star City


    The clinic event seems like it's going pretty well at first. Children are getting their broken bones set, and all the volunteers are wearing AmerTek shirts so the struggling company gets some publicity. The only snag is that Thea told Quentin to show up and guard the back entrance, and he's both late and drunk. But what are the odds of that blowing up in their faces?


    Oh. Well, bad luck for you, CEO of AmerTek. Looks like you got shadow-tentacled. Oliver instantly attacks as Green Arrow, which is weird because he was in civilian clothes a couple minutes before. But the weird, black figure doesn't react the way you'd expect from someone who just got shot by arrows. Rene runs across the room and attacks, even though he was supposed to just watch.


    The strange figure has no interest in hanging around and being attacked, so it jumps away and...vanishes. Gosh.

  • Meeting Time

    Meanwhile, Back At The Lair

    Who called the meeting? Oliver.

    What's it about? Yelling at everyone for not following his orders because everything is everybody else's fault.

    How'd it go? Nobody's in any mood to be yelled at. Especially Rene, who actually came away with some of the rags that the mysterious figure is wrapped in. Felicity manages to convey this information to Oliver, who immediately leaves for City Hall. Apparently he only had time for a quick stop-and-berate.

  • That Quote
    "We don't have to think about do or don't, right or wrong. There's a clarity in that, right?"
    - John Diggle, whose unquestioning loyalty to the military is going to get tested fairly soon -
  • Hell No!

    This Went Bad

    Sergeant Diggle and Private Collins are trying to get a nuclear thingy (technical term), but it turns out that it's being stolen by other soldiers, who are now going to frame Diggle for the whole thing. Uh-oh!

  • Love, Hate & Everything In Between

    Good Ol' What's-His-Name

    Felicity stops by the police station to meet her man. Which is useful, because it reminds some of us (well, me) that he's a police detective. And their relationship is very strong, although he doesn't know what she does all night and has never met her friends. She makes a cute face at him and gets him to run Rene's rag through the police lab's gas chromatograph. And, having gotten what she wants from him, she leaves. It must be true love!

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Curtis vs. Oliver

    The next time Oliver stops by the Arrowlair for a few minutes, he finds that Evelyn and Rene have quit. He tries to cast this as a betrayal of him and his awesome training techniques, but Curtis calmly and accurately takes him apart. With words, not punches. He says he used to see Green Arrow and Speedy and Spartan as a family, but the other ones all left. Because Oliver doesn't respect people and doesn't build them up. He just tears them down.

    Winner: Curtis, via flawless rhetoric.

  • Hell No!

    How The Training Was Supposed To Go

    The only thing Oliver tried to do in his "training" was to make everyone stand on a line and try to get past him to ring a bell. This, of course, was because the same thing was done to him five years earlier in Russia. It's a good thing he didn't try to teach anyone archery, because as I remember Season 1, all he did was slap bowls of water until he suddenly became great with a bow. In Oliver's head, the goal of the exercise is to teach people that if they work together as a team, they can get more done. But in the flashback, we learn that he did exactly that. And then his pal Anatoly shot everyone else, because the lesson in the Bratva is that other people are just tools to be used for your personal success. So Oliver isn't even doing the things that were done to him.

  • Meeting Time

    Aha! Skullduggery!

    Who called the meeting? The CEO of AmerTek.

    What's it about? She's arranging with Tobias Church to sell him a ton of guns for a hundred million dollars.

    How'd it go? As far as the arms deal goes, it went perfectly. But Thea Queen was spying on them after doing some gratuitous parkour up a wall, and that's probably not according to plan.

  • Passages

    R.I.P. The New Guy

    When we last checked in on Diggle, things looked pretty bad for him. He was surrounded by a group of soldiers with nefarious intent. But the good news is that Diggle didn't come here alone. Private Collins comes to the rescue! And then Private Collins gets shot dead. Sorry, Private Collins. They should know better than to send someone with that innocent a face into action. Give him a scar or something to make him look more butch first.

  • Alert!

    That Makes Perfect Sense

    Alert Type: Science Alert.

    Issue: The lab results are back on those rags that Rene got.

    Complicating Factors: They're very radioactive, which will allow Felicity to track them. And they're radioactive in a special way so that she can tell it's because of the nuclear bomb from the previouslies. Also, they're over 2,000 years old. The people in the police lab must be the least curious people in the world if they didn't have any follow-up questions about all this.

    Resolution: The rags were irradiated by a bomb created by an AmerTek subsidiary (these were VERY extensive tests) so the Rag Man is probably attacking AmerTek executives for revenge.

    Spoiler: These rags are going to get very fancy.

  • Character Study

    Hero Or Villain?

    Name: The Rag Man.
    Age: Unknown.
    Occupation: Spooky jerk.
    Goal: To punish AmerTek executives and freak out everyone watching.
    Sample Dialogue: "Boo!"
  • Alert!

    Let's Be Pals

    Alert Type: Friendship Alert.

    Issue: Rag Man is about to kill the AmerTek CEO, ending his quest for vengeance early.

    Complicating Factors: Oliver (as Green Arrow) is being pummeled by Tobias Church, and he needs Rag Man's help right now.

    Resolution: Rag Man lets the CEO go to save Green Arrow, then they have a discussion on a rooftop about how their fathers wanted them to take revenge, but that doesn't mean they have to. Rag Man's the only survivor of that town that got nuked, because his father wrapped him in these ancient rags, which protected him while giving him superpowers in a very comic-booky way.

    Spoiler: Sooner or later, Rag Man's going to find out that Felicity's kind of responsible for his entire home town being destroyed in nuclear fire.

  • Wrap It Up

    Diggle regains consciousness to find that he's tied to a pillar and is going to be framed for both the theft of the nuclear device and the murder of poor innocent Private Collins.


    Thea tries to hire Quentin as Deputy Mayor, because maybe having a job will get him to stop drinking. And also she could use someone around the office willing to do some mayor stuff when Oliver doesn't feel like it. It's a pretty good idea, but it does create the impression that the Queen Administration runs on 100% pure nepotism. Come to think of it, him making the city build a statue to commemorate his ex-girlfriend wasn't entirely on the up-and-up.


    Oliver takes the dramatic step of unmasking in front of his new team. They're surprised to learn that the vigilante is also the mayor. You can see how they would be. Curtis and Evelyn say they're back in. Rene would like the name "Wild Dog" replaced, but Oliver's not budging on that one. He's not going to lose all his jerkiness right away. Baby steps.


    And finally, Tobias Church is stepping out into the night when the two people next to him get killed by arrows. He's delighted by this, because it's not like he came to Star City to NOT fight Green Arrow. But this is someone else: a mysterious archer calling himself "Prometheus" who wants Green Arrow all to himself. Then go get him, dude. Quit bothering Tobias if you haven't even bothered to fight your opponent once yet.

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