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Arrow Deals With Split Loyalties

Felicity's running with a new crew, and they're either hackers or Jabbawockeez.

This episode was entitled "Dangerous Liaisons," but I noticed a distinct lack of duels, seductions, or people getting shamed at the opera. Even the costumes failed to live up to my expectations.

As you may remember, the last episode was about a month ago, and it ended with Prometheus being revealed to the public as Adrian Chase. After killing two cops, he got into a car and drove back toward Star City with blood still on his face. It seemed like he was about to go on an all-out rampage, right? Not so much. Sure, he's apparently killing a couple people here and there, but Oliver still has time to do press conferences about how he could employ a serial killer without knowing it.

Rene and Quentin have time to work through Rene's reasons for not trying to get custody of his daughter. It's good that Quentin gets Rene and Zoe in the same room, but I'm not sure it's actually such a good idea for Rene to be his child's primary caregiver. He's leading kind of a dangerous life right now, and I don't think Zoe would like having her father die just when she got back in his life. It's a good subplot, and I certainly enjoy seeing Quentin get called "Hoss," but I worry that something bad is going to happen to this cute kid.

Oliver's focus gets taken entirely away from Prometheus. First he's helping with Argus, and then he's more interested in scolding Felicity for hanging out with the hacker vigilantes instead of the Oliver-approved vigilantes she's supposed to be helping. And Felicity's trying to rescue a superduperhacker so he can find Prometheus, but to do that she has to do all this other stuff and meanwhile the guy we're supposed to be fighting hasn't been onscreen since the cliffhanger.

With all these distractions, it's no wonder that something felt off about this episode. But precisely (and scientifically) how Arrow-y was Arrow?

Arrow-ish Element Present?
Trick Arrow Oliver's still reluctant to put on the hood and be Green Arrow, so the archery quotient was way down this week. There was plenty of action, but the damage was done by canary cries, T-spheres, and good old fashioned bullets.
Oliver Queen: A Jerk It was kind of rude of Oliver not to back Felicity up, but he wasn't mean about it. I think she could have talked him into it if she hadn't been in such a hurry.
Comic book reference This is a bit of a stretch, but they mentioned a video game called "Maximum Force" a couple of times, and that happens to be the name of a DC Comics hero. Well, it's a name that Max Lord used exactly once, in Justice League of America #1, but that's close enough.
Someone walks into the Arrowlair without warning. Lyla's not usually a member of Team Arrow, but she's with John, so she's okay. I was a little surprised to see Felicity come back after her grand exit, but she's clearly allowed to be there. Felicity did claim at the end of the episode that Adrian Chase was "here," but until that's clarified, it doesn't count.
Flashback scenes mirror the present day. Oh. Um. This is awkward. It seems that someone forgot to put the flashback scenes in this episode. Maybe that's why everything's a little askew.
Things get gory. The grossest thing in the episode was when Rene described his daughter being burned by some soup. And even that didn't have a lot of details in it. However, the previews of next week's episode looked a lot like Saw, so things might pick up soon.
The Only Hospital Room In Town We don't have time for people to recover from their wounds. We have to argue about whether it's worse to run a secret off-book black site illegal prison or spend all your time shooting people because they might be criminals. Okay, John and Lyla didn't have that specific argument, but they certainly could have.
Someone gets kidnapped Cayden James got sprung from the Argus facility, so that's kind of the opposite of a kidnapping. By the way, do they really just keep people handcuffed inside shipping containers 24 hours a day? This prison sounds worse than the one Oliver used to have on the island.
Someone goes shirtless. Shirtlessness is for when people are training or when they're recovering from injuries. Or having sexytimes, I guess. Anyway, none of those things happened this week.
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