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Arrow Brings Back Old Friends

We like Roy! We like Roy!

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    Thea Queen died but she was brought back to life with a magic hot tub but now she has an uncontrollable urge to kill but when Damien Darhk tried to use his magical death touch on her it just cured it for a while but now it's back. It's all perfectly simple.

  • Alert!

    Oh, Right, These Guys

    Alert Type: Dormant Subplot Alert.

    Issue: Nyssa is being held as a prisoner in Nanda Parbat, home of the League of Assassins.

    Complicating Factors: One of her supports slips her a teeny knife hidden inside a pepper. Assassins don't eat cakes, so they have to improvise a bit.

    Resolution: Nyssa breaks out and kills dozens of her fellow assassins, since Malcolm isn't in town.

    Spoiler: This is the third or fourth time we've seen these assassins get brutally slaughtered. There can't be that many assassins left alive at this point.

  • Awkward

    Hold On!

    Situation: A burglar is being chased by Oliver and Thea, or "Green Arrow" and "Speedy" if you insist on using codenames. Which Felicity does, because it means she can make people call her "Overwatch."

    What makes it awkward? After the burglar has led the heroes on a parkour-filled chase, Thea's got him cornered on the edge of a roof. But then she kind of swoons and Oliver has to save her at the expense of letting the burglar escape.

    How is order restored? Thea comes home and lies down on the couch under a blanket. It's supposed to indicate that she's an invalid, but it looks pretty comfortable.

  • A Wizard Did It

    Thank You, Construction Elves

    Good news! Felicity can get up to the raised island where all the computers live. That's good, because it's basically her workstation, and discovering that she could reach it was a pretty realistic way to show how there's a fine line between accessible and inaccessible.

    Sure enough, there's now a big ramp around the edge of the island.


    That's great! Felicity will be able to get to her computers, and everyone else will have a nice, slow rise to walk up if their crime-fighting activities result in broken ankles or something.

    So, um...where did that ramp come from? Did they bring construction workers in? Did they have it built somewhere else, then bring it down that elevator in the campaign office that's the only way in or out? Did Oliver do it himself? Nope. Clearly, a wizard did it. Probably the same wizard that set the Arrowlair up in the first place and never asked questions about the need for a human-sized cage.

  • Awkward

    Not Exactly A Ted Talk

    Situation: Felicity is rehearsing her presentation of Curtis Holt's new miracle battery that's going to save Palmer Technologies from its eternal poorly-defined financial woes.

    What makes it awkward? Felicity is doing her stammering "adorkable" thing. And she's also whacking into things because she's not used to her wheelchair yet. It looks like a light, maneuverable model, so maybe she just needs more experience.

    How is order restored? Everyone agrees that Felicity shouldn't give the presentation, because it would be bad for the company if people knew that their CEO survived a massive spinal injury. Or something.

  • Meeting Time

    We're All Basically Doctors, Right?

    Who called the meeting? It spontaneously formed around Thea's sickly body. And Malcolm Merlyn is here!

    What's it about? Thea's unchecked bloodlust is somehow causing a hole to open up in her chest as the wound that killed her originally is coming back.

    How'd it go? Everyone has a solution for Thea's sickness. Malcolm thinks she should just get out there and kill a few people. Thea's kind of okay with just dying. And Oliver decides that he needs to go find Damien Darhk (the guy he's in a life-or-death struggle with) and ask him politely to use his death touch to burn the bloodlust out of her.

  • Alert!

    And Now, An Action Sequence

    Alert Type: Parkour Alert.

    Issue: Oliver is chasing that burglar from before.

    Complicating Factors: It's a long chase because the burglar is really into parkour. And if you're into parkour, you make sure everyone knows it. And if you're a director with a stunt guy who knows parkour, you apparently block out huge chunks of time for it.

    Resolution: Oliver eventually catches up with the burglar and knocks him down. And guess what? It's Roy Harper! He gets away, but at least now we know who it is.

    Spoiler: He probably isn't a real bad guy.

  • That Quote
    "Whose shocking return can we look forward to next?"
    - Felicity, lumping together the returns of Thea and Sara (who both basically came back from the dead) with Roy (who just moved to a different city) -
  • Character Study

    Are You Someone?

    Name: Ruvé Adams.
    Age: None of your business.
    Occupation: Wife of Damien Darhk; unexpected candidate for mayor.
    Goal: To be mayor, I guess?
    Sample Dialogue: "After careful consideration, I have decided to keep my maiden name." (Not that this is brought up on the show, but can you blame her for not changing her name to "Darhk"?)
  • Alert!

    Didn't Expect To See Her, Did You?

    Alert Type: Unexpected Reappearance Alert.

    Issue: Oliver is being tortured by Baron Reiter.

    Complicating Factors: Suddenly! Reiter is killed by an arrow to the chest! And then Oliver looks up to see Shado, the woman who died years ago.

    Resolution: Shado frees Oliver and soothes his wounds.

    Spoiler: Shado's still dead, and this is a hallucination.

  • And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor

    McGuffin's Maguffins

    In today's busy world, there are more villains that there are villainous plans for them to enact. If you're a villain and you don't have an acceptably silly doomsday plot, stop by McGuffin's Maguffins and we'll equip you with the perfect plan for your needs. For example, the villain named "The Calculator" is working on something called a "Web Nuke," which could destroy the entire internet. Does that make sense? Of course not! But it's acceptably threatening, and that's all that's really needed.

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Curtis Holt vs. Roy Harper

    Roy is still out stealing things, and he's trying to get the miracle battery from Palmer Technologies. Since the only person guarding it is Curtis, that means it's a fight between tertiary characters. Curtis does pretty well at first, but Roy takes the lead pretty decisively.

    Winner: Roy Harper, fighting like a guy being blackmailed through a high-tech contact lens.

  • Passages

    R.I.P. Arsenal (but not really)

    Team Arrow gets to Palmer just as Roy has thrown the battery out the window. It gets picked up by a drone or something, but that still leaves Roy. Felicity decides that she has a great plan, so she has Oliver shoot an arrow directly into Roy's chest. He's dead!

    (He's not dead. He's just tranquilized, because Felicity saw that he was receiving orders from some high-tech contact lenses. Obviously.)

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Nyssa al Ghul vs. Tatsu Yamashiro

    Nyssa's got some sort of long-term plan where she needed to go to Kyushu and get a thing. Her plan would probably be clearer if she had shopped at McGuffin's Maguffins, but since she didn't, she has to fill time by briefly fighting Oliver's old frenemy Tatsu. Hi, Tatsu!

    Winner: Match called off because nobody's sure what they're fighting about.

  • Character Study

    That's The Worst Name

    Name: The Calculator (he named himself).
    Age: Early 50s.
    Occupation: Superhacker; supervillain.
    Goal: Well, he's not going to destroy the internet. Forget about that. Instead, he's going to use the Web Nuke to kill everyone in Star City. By, um, shutting down the trains or something. Star City gets mostly destroyed at least once a year, so it's a little surprising that there's still enough of a population to make it worth destroying.
    Sample Dialogue: "I calculate that it's time to hack the matrix."
  • Alert!

    This Was In A Twilight Zone, I Think

    Alert Type: Mystic Rock Alert.

    Issue: Oliver spends some time in a dream state, being taught to meditate by the hallucinatory vision of Shado. Toward the end, she slips a weird rock into his hand.

    Complicating Factors: Get this: when Oliver wakes up, he's still got the rock.

    Resolution: Oliver's still in a prison, and Baron Reiter is still alive, but at least there's this rock.

    Spoiler: That rock is going to be very, very important to this unimportant subplot.

  • Phone Call

    Is That A PAGER?!

    Oliver Queen's got pretty good equipment. Not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter. I mean he has high-tech stuff. But that apparently doesn't apply to his phone, because Felicity has sent him a text with what looks very much like early-1990s pager slang. Kids today don't say "911." They say "poop emoji." I assume.

  • Snapshot


    After a drawn-out action scene that was more fun to watch than to write about, Team Arrow finds itself at the physical location of the Web Nuke. They need to manually detonate some C4 to destroy it, and Roy volunteers to stay behind. He figures he can outrun the fireball. And, as it turns out, he can!

  • Meeting Time

    It's Just A Battery

    Who called the meeting? Palmer Technologies.

    What's it about? They're announcing a magical battery that's 100% recyclable, can power an electric car for a thousand miles, fits in your pocket, and is powering the entire Palmer building.

    How'd it go? With a product that good, the quality of the presentation doesn't really matter. They could just hand out a mimeographed list of bullet points, but Felicity does fine.

  • Wrap It Up

    Thea and Roy have a tearful reunion. Then a tearful goodbye, because if Roy is seen in Star City, he'll be arrested for being the Arrow, which is different from being Green Arrow.


    Felicity's presentation goes great, and she doesn't know that this seemingly normal spectator is the very same Calculator she's been battling all night. But she recognizes him anyway because he's apparently...her father?! Gosh!


    And finally, Thea enters a coma. Not that I was waiting impatiently; it's just the final thing in the episode. Nyssa appears at the hospital bed to announce that she can save Thea with a lotus elixir, but Oliver will have to do one thing first: kill Malcolm Merlyn. It's always something.

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