Amybeth Mcnulty / YouTube

The Part Of Anne Shirley Has Officially Been Cast In Netflix's Remake Of Anne Of Green Gables

Learn who'll fill the big shoes left by Megan Follows.

Wait, there's a brand new Anne of Green Gables coming out? There definitely is. When Netflix announced that they were remaking Anne of Green Gables, fans of the 1985 miniseries knew there'd be hell to pay if they decided to mess this up. It's been rumored to be named Anne, but, we'll know for sure when it's released. Casting is in the midst of happening now, and as you probably figured by the headline, the main role has just been filled. (Note: There's also a PBS version coming out this Thanksgiving. Anne Shirley is a hot commodity this year.)

So, who is it? Anne will be played by Amybeth McNulty, a 14-year-old Irish Canadian rehead who is super convincing. She looks like the kind of girl who'll mess you up if you call her "Carrots," which is exactly what we all hoped for.

What else has she been in? Not much. I mean, she's only 14. But if you happened to watch Clean Break, an Ireland-based drama about a kidnapping, she appeared as Jenny Rane. Hopefully this reboot can be her shining role.

Luckily, she did a random Q&A on her YouTube channel, so you can learn a little about her well before the show premieres!


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