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Betty Draper's Shrink Is Stalking Evey From Swing Kids With A Floating Gummi Eyeball

And other updated loglines from the first season of Angel.

  • Angel Sets Up Shop With Cordelia And Irish Clairvoyant Worm From Rounders After Dusting Sawyer And Failing To Save Crazy Laura
  • In Pursuit Of A Cock-Punching Demon Who's Preying On The Denizens Of A Singles Bar (Remember Those?), Angel Meets Detective Kate Logsle-- Er, "Locksley"
  • Spike Comes To L.A. For Gem Of Amara, Calls Angel "Magnificent Poof" As Poor Man's Anthony Edwards Tortures Angel Boringly Before Getting Hit By Oz's Scooby Van And Allowing Angel To Enjoy Sunset And Walk On Beach (Both Singular)
  • Betty Draper's S1 Shrink Is Stalking Evey From Swing Kids By Means Of A Floating Gummi Eyeball While Angel Sends An Email To Guru Ortiz From Speed In Geneva Font
  • Introducing Dennis
  • Kate Has Daddy Issues; Angel Has L.A. Mafioso And Hawaiian-Shirt Issues; Tim Minear Honors The Talking Stick
  • Screens: The WB

    Screens: The WB

  • Janie's Got A Gun -- And Divorce Papers For Doyle To Sign So She Can Marry Ramon From Seinfeld
  • Angel's Day As A Human Includes Snacking, Sex With Buffy, And Remembering The Premise Of His Television Program, So He Asks The Oracles To Change Him Back
  • Doyle Dies To Save Scotty Lundegaard, Not-Entirely-Tasteful Holocaust Metaphor
  • Wesley, Rogue Demon Hunter Helps With/Bungles The Pursuit Of Max From Homeland
  • 2014-09-17-angel-02
  • Who Is Committing These Serial Murders? Why, It Is Oi, Potato Lad! …Psych, It's Jeremy Renner, Who Is Also Murdering An Accent
  • Cordelia Wakes Up After Her Date With Vinnie Van Lowe To Find She's Pregnant With The Krusty Krab's Blue-Plate Special
  • 2014-09-17-angel-03
  • Bai Ling Slave Dimension Something Something WHO CARES IT'S THE ONE WITH ANGEL DOING THE MASHED POTATO
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  • Angel And Wesley Perform An Exorcism On That Dead-Eyed Brat Who Shot His Friend On ER; Too Bad He's A Dead-Eyed Brat Here Too
  • Oi, Potato Lad Have Da Issues, To Which Detective Kate Block-- Er, "Locksley" Is Predictably Unsympathetic Despite Her Own Father Getting Caught Up With Vampire Drug Dealer David Sherman From Felicity; Joan Harris Has An Even Worse Oirish Accent Than Angel's, To Which I Am Also Predictably Unsympathetic. Seriously, People: Accent Coach. In The Name Of The Father Viewing Party. Something. And Don't Give Rohm Any More Crying To Do, It's Untenable. Now What Was I Saying? Oh Yeah: Shut Up, Flashbacks
  • The First Rule Of Demon Fight Club Is: Cyril O'Reily Sucks
  • Has-Been Actress Played By Never-Was Actress Roofies Angel In Hopes Of Becoming Sookie Stackhouse
  • Potato Lad Is Ensouled In Flashback By Romany Curse; The Viewer Is Annoyed In Present By Romanov's "Acting"; Faith Visits, Has Problems
  • The Only Thing In This Episode More Insufferable Than Equating Faith's Past Misrule With Addiction? Buffy
  • Michael Bolton From Office Space Is Mark Zuckerberg In Night Of The Gunn
  • Demon's 11
  • Lindsey Raised Darla From The Dead -- Let's Give Him A Hand! …Too Soon?


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