Watch A New Trailer For VH1's America's Next Top Model

'It's all about being a boss.' - Rita Ora.

I wasn't a hundred on the reboot, although a Tyra-less "cycle" (...ugh) sounded pretty good to me after years on end of her self-satisfied "causes" and stilted delivery -- but the latest super-trailer from VH1 is giving me life, not least because of Rita Ora's panel outfits. You've also got professional (read: "way less ratchet") lighting, cool guest judges (DJ Khaled, Chanel Iman), the obligatory call for an ambulance, aaaaand the obligatory comment that one of the girls isn't there to make friends.

Oh, and crying and fights.

Check it out:

ANTM: TNG premieres Monday 12 December at 10 ET.


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