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Idol Endnotes: I'm Going Home

The final three get their parades, but who's going home without the cameras?


HCJ firing beignets into the crowd And then making a Scarface reference because of all the powdered sugar. Hee.

Jessica goes home It's overdue. Mostly I'm impressed by the Crest's look of genuine concern for her as she's crying while she watches her highlight film. Her sing-out is flawless, which is...kind of the whole problem with her. You can't divorce your lungs from your heart, kid.


"I want to be in the top three so. badly." I don't love still bagging on Jessica for her dead eyes; I think she just feels awkward, and the acting they need to do at this stage of the competition isn't within everyone's abilities. But that remove of hers makes me tired.

SHAVE IT, CREST It's so studied, like an electric-razor ad. Don Johnson called, and he wants you to know that look isn't for you.

Dinner chat First of all, don't just leave those little sliders on the table, or we might just think these convos are staged and sometimes reshot! ...Okay, but seriously: just roll tape on their dinner, and if they say something interesting, run it; if they don't, don't. Putting words in Alex's mouth in particular is so awkward and obvious, it almost voids the point.

Three months is not "almost half a year" ...Jessica.


Twenty-one minutes of pertinent material buried in two hours of driving around sitting on the trunks of convertibles.

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