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Idol Endnotes: Girls Gone Mild

Bad singing, worse hair, and an unwelcome visit from the anti-peanut lobby.


Keith Urban's hair Okay, it's not great, but it was so much worse back in the day. Somewhere in Atlanta, moldering in a basement, is a police report Jane Fonda filed about how someone stole her wig. Yeah, "that bad."

HCJ Puts over a dumb gag about his having co-written "I Luh Ya Papi" with a cheery "I wrote 'luh.'" Is just as cheery about the dorktastic photo of himself from junior high, and the horrible experience of hearing his junior-high band's hip-hop song get hated on on the radio. I get the distinct feeling he had to be a major bad guy to Keith and La Lopez about MK, but he knew it was better for her not to stay and he stuck to it (and I agree).

MK's departure My husband predicted that they'd save her, but I was really happy they didn't -- for her. MK still doesn't quite believe she can go big; she's way too controlled, and she doesn't let herself go, not up into that upper register that's her true sweet spot, not in a figurative way. And she just got tighter and tighter with every week. That CJ didn't finish in the bottom three is weird to me, but of the two of them, MK needed to go home first. CJ's singing was worse, but CJ can handle this experience a while longer. MK was done.

"It was just okay" In these garnish-sized doses, the old Randy-isms make me smile. Also, my birthday is soon. Can someone please get me an invitation to the glasses room at Randyland? This week's Breakin' 3: Roller Rink Radness pair was the jam.


Malaya's attire '80s-tomboy is not the most flattering by definition; her outfit tonight made her look like a child's drawing of a cyclone touching down at a community-college tie-dye class.

The world premiere of J.Lo's new single, "I Luh Ya Papi" Leaving aside the disingenuity of the Jenny-From-The-Block nonsense at this (very) late date, and with utmost respect for girlfriend's double quick-change: nope. I don't dig the song, the pace is all over the place, that tedious playlet went on for ages, that "romper" was frightful, and if you're going to get kids to jump rope onstage, make it genuine hardcore double-dutch with flips and shit so I have something to care about.

Caleb's apology for the peanut-allergy jokes last night The apology itself was fine; Caleb sold it, somehow, poor kid. The fact that he obviously had to make said apology, because a bunch of pills called or tweeted that it's in poor taste and what if Little Johnny's classmates decide that's funny and kill him with a spoonful of Skippy HOW DARE YOU IDOL and the producers were like, fine, we'll formally retract it...the determination of some people to feel offended and beleaguered is exhausting. Peanuts + underpants = a little bit funny. Come on.


Royal Teeth The dude singer's delivery reminded me of YouTube Joey from The Amazing Race. Very mannered and not for me.

MK's sing for the save Once she got going, she sounded better than she has in a while, because with nothing to lose, she cut it loose, but maaaan, that lead-up was awkward. The Crest seemed rattled, which is rare and not in a good way, and I don't remember any of the kids taking a minute to go talk to the band before. I really got a bad feeling, like she might faint, and J.Lo looked really upset...it was uncomfortable.


Wild prediction time: Sam catches a cold, sings shittily, is voted off, gets the save.

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