La-Z-Boy; Dr Pepper

Constantine Maroulis Faces Justin Guarini In The Battle Of The American Idol Ad Stars

Two ex-Idols use their star power to promote products on TV. Which does it better?

Which became a pitchman first?

Constantine Maroulis appeared in his first La-Z-Boy ad last summer.

Justin Guarini first played Diet Dr Pepper's Lil' Sweet in the spring of 2015.

Winner: Justin.

Which came to the gig with a more impressive track record?

This one's a tough call! Since coming in sixth in the fourth season of American Idol, Constantine has starred on Broadway (I saw him in Rock Of Ages!) and on The Bold And The Beautiful. But Justin has the distinction of having been in the very first season of American Idol. Sure, he lost -- but to La Kelly Clarkson! Having made his name in the first and therefore most iconic season of American Idol (and having gotten all the way to the finale) means Justin is probably the more famous and recognizable of the two.

Winner: Justin.

Which is promoting the more glamorous product?

This is a tough one too. The choice is between La-Z-Boy, a brand so synonymous with sloth that "lazy" is right there in its name; and Diet Dr Pepper, the fizzy beverage responsible for spawning the belches we emit while sitting on...a La-Z-Boy. But, name aside, a piece of La-Z-Boy furniture is sufficiently handsome that it may sit in your den or living room without embarrassing you. Leaving soda bottles or cans around makes you look like a careless slob.

Winner: Constantine.

Which has the more compelling co-star(s)?

Don't get me wrong: I love Better Off Ted, which means I love Malcolm Barrett.

But that dude never told the world that he goes around with no gotch under his jeans like Constantine's "As The Room Turns" scene partner famously did.

Winner: Constantine.

Which has made more of the assignment?

Constantine's played Stavros and Demitri in two La-Z-Boy ads -- not bad! But Justin's been Diet Dr Pepper's Lil' Sweet in at least five different spots, of which this is the latest.

Boyfriend knows how to make the most of an opportunity!

Winner: Justin.


Constantine definitely deserves credit for putting his B&B experience to good use in order to sell comfortable couches. But this victory has GOT to go to the falsetto king in the rose-coloured wig. You guys? I FUCKING LOVE LIL' SWEET.

Winner: Justin.