American Idol Will Return On ABC

The Voice is shaking in its boots, not.

What happened? Confirming several days' worth of speculation last week, ABC has announced that it will revive the Fox stalwart American Idol "next season," so: sometime this year or possibly next.

That story says it outbid Fox?! Yeah: if Fox cancelled the show like this time last year, why was it even trying to get it back now? Did it actually take everyone at the network this long to realize they've never launched a single other reality competition show this successful that didn't feature Gordon Ramsay?

Will Ryan be back? As you can see in the above-linked post, Ryan Seacrest -- just-announced permanent co-host on what is now officially titled Live With Kelly And Ryan -- last week dodged the question of his possibly returning to his old blue-tinted stomping grounds. Is this finally the time for Brian Dunkleman to make his triumphant return? STAY TUNED!!! (Spoiler: no.)


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