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American Crime Finds New Kinds Of Violence In Its Most Devastating Episode Yet

The Coatses plumb new depths of emotional (and now physical?) violence, Kimara's ethics get put to the test, and Shae is out to break your heart.

This week on American Crime, the emotional violence and dead-end hopelessness that has plagued characters like Shae and Gabrielle and Jeanette manages to get even more dire. Things in the Coates house could not be more toxic, and Gabrielle starts writing letters to God about it. Jeanette is faced with some harsh truths about the economics of the minimum wage. And the inability of Shae's peep-show gig to make her any money becomes the least of her worries. It's heavy as all hell, but Joe and Quinn are back to talk all about it all on this week's American Crime Time Podcast!

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