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American Crime Gets Real With Some Housewives

Hesby Farms? Take a break. This week, we're dealing with the myriad ways in which wives and mothers get totally effed by America.

This week on American Crime, we stick a pin in the small matter of Luis Salazar killing the shit out of Isaac Castillo and instead take a moment to get to know our new neighbors, the Coatses. Clair tightens her velvet-gloved iron grip on her new nanny, Gabrielle, while Nick quietly resents his wife and grinds his teeth over having to lay off a bunch of his employees. Meanwhile, Jeanette leaves her awful husband with a fridge full of tupperware but finds it's not so easy to break free when you have nothing of your own. Was this too much of a place setter for the gut-punches to come? Joe and Quinn are back to talk all about it all on this week's American CrimeTime Podcast!

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