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American Crime Introduces New Complicit White People

In an episode that brings Timothy Hutton and Lili Taylor back out to play, Shae reads the state of North Carolina for filth, and one character pays a major price.

Don't worry, everything is still dark and harrowing on American Crime this week. Shae's efforts to get an abortion face multiple roadblocks set up by lawmakers who think they can shame women out of exercising their right to choose. Luis Salazar finds out what happened to his son. Timothy Hutton and Lili Taylor show up and immediately start being mean to their Haitian nanny. Felicity Huffman and Cherry Jones have a family face-off, though, so at least you can get some YAASSSS out of the episode. And most importantly, Joe and Quinn are back to talk all about it all on this week's American Crime Time Podcast!

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