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Lady Gaga May Play Donatella Versace In American Crime Story's Retelling Of Gianni Versace's Murder

Literally who else, when you think about it.

What happened? Us Weekly is reporting a tantalizing rumour: that Lady Gaga will play Donatella Versace in Season 3 of American Crime Story, which will take on the story of the 1997 murder of Donatella's brother, Gianni.

Why has this happened? This casting is so dead-on that it might be too perfect. Lady Gaga is already in the Ryan Murphy stable, having appeared in Seasons 5 and 6 of American Horror Story. She looks very much like Donatella did in the late '90s. And while she's not really an actor by trade and therefore probably not as skilled at doing a variety of accents, the artist also known as Stefani Germanotta might have already been exposed to Italian accents like Donatella's in her own family.

What do I do now? Hope that Us Weekly's "source" isn't just making shit up. And maybe also that Lady Gaga plans to take some acting lessons between now and the start of next year, when the season's scheduled to start filming; she was okay in American Horror Story: Hotel, but playing a real person -- not to mention a celebrity viewers are going to be familiar with -- is going to take chops.