We Defy You To Resist The Charm Of This Alias Blooper Reel

Oh yeah? Well: Greg Grunberg beat-boxing. We're done here.

What the hell? I forget how much I loved Alias sometimes; it was far from a perfect show and sometimes struggled even to achieve "very good," but boy was it charming. As sick as I ever get of Jennifer Garner "rebound"/Baffleck whatever headlines, I can never blame it on/stay mad at her.

Or at Michael Vartan's face.

How'd you find this...whatever this is? Looking for a Sark mash-up that wasn't a semi-creepy slo-mo fan vid with repellent music over it. That seemed like it might take days so I rolled with this instead.

Who cares? Balthazar Getty has been standing on my nerves for decades now but I'm damned if I didn't start to like him when he answered a banana and started giggling like a schoolgirl. If that doesn't do it for you, Grunberg dances and/or Garner and Victor Garber "haaaaaaa THAT WAS YOU"-ing each other should get the job done.


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