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Sophomore Slug

Is the second Agent Carter episode as exciting and full of punches as the first? Or is it soft and mild, like Jarvis?

  • Previously

    A Lot of Punching

    The Agent Carter pilot had a lot of things going on, none more so than the sight of Agent Carter punching the fuck out of everything in sight. Seriously, the way Homer Simpson was with the gun that time shooting off the lights, shooting open his beer? That's how Peggy Carter was with the punching. The question going into Episode 2: will she punch that much? Or did they use up the whole punching budget for the season?

  • Plot Lightning Round

    Milk Made


    Peggy needs to find the milk truck full of the glowing VitaRay stuff.


    So she borrows one of Howard Stark's sex-labcoats and poses as a health inspector.


    She inspects a lot of trucks.


    She carries a convincing clipboard!


    In the end, she finds no truck -- but she does find out who hasn't been to work in a few days.

  • Character Study

    Cards Against Humanity

    Name: Green Suit.
    Age: Late 40s.
    Occupation: Terrorist.
    Goal: Green Suit has removed his own talky parts, so he communicates only via business cards and typewritten messages. His goal in this episode is to find one LEET BRANNIS. We don't know who or what this is at first, so I did an anagram search and came up with Lesbian Rent, Table Sinner, Absent Liner, and Bra Teens Nil, among others. But then we find out it's a guy, which is kind of disappointing.
    Sample Dialogue: [Sound of cards shuffling desperately, looking for the "WHICH WAY TO THE BATHROOM?" one.]
  • Meeting Time

    Because Milk and Oil Don't Mix

    Who called the meeting? The Chief.

    What's it about? He's there to talk to Hugh Jones (Ray Wise), head of Roxxon Oil, about the explosion at his refinery.

    How'd it go? Jones thinks Stark has some wife-related animosity toward him and thinks that's his motive for the sabotage. In the end, the Chief decides it's entirely likely that Stark's people would have infiltrated Roxxon. He calls Peggy to bring the VitaRay detector over. Also, if Ray Wise is in the mix as a probably duplicitous business owner, can Alan Dale be far behind as someone's cold, domineering father?

  • Hell Yeah!

    I'd "Venture" To Say She Got Him

    When Miles Van Ert (James Urbaniak, TV's Dr. Thaddeus Venture) makes a run for it during the Roxxon employee screenings, Dooley and Thompson give blustery chase. But it's Peggy, through efficient use of a side stairwell and a borrowed briefcase, who catches Van Ert. Oh, but I know, Ayn Rand, it's actually Hugh Jones who deserves the victory because he built the Roxxon company and thus made possible the building where Peggy stopped Van Ert.

  • Hell No!

    When Men Were Men and Torture Was "Hep"

    So they catch Van Ert, and after he refuses to name names for Chief Dooley, Dooley leaves him in the care of Thompson, who makes him bite down on a stick while he pummels the bejesus out of his face. It's hard to watch, but it's another in a line of interesting choices for Agent Carter, a primetime network show where law enforcement is frequently brutal and ineffective; where women are almost always the smartest people in the room; and where, if you want something done right, you give it to a British person. (On the downside: this is also a world where there are nearly zero people of color.)

  • Dialogue

    "I'm Gonna End This Moment With Seven Words That Will Chill You To The Bone"

    Before Thompson takes a stick to Van Ert, Chief Dooley has this little back-and-forth with their prisoner, featuring a kicker that feels, well, very now.

    You see, fighting crime is a lot like fishing with your buddies: the biggest fish wins. No offense, but you're not the biggest fish. Doesn't mean you're not plenty big enough for me to feed my bosses, but if you were to help me catch a bigger fish -- say a grouper or a shark -- I could see myself letting you off the line.
    I don't believe you.
    Well, you should! I'm in law enforcement.
  • Character Study

    Hi, I'm Angie, and I'll Either Try to Kill You Or Save You In About Two Episodes

    Name: Angie Martinelli.
    Age: Nice try. You never ask a woman her age.
    Occupation: Automat waitress.
    Goal: To get Peggy to move in to her all-female apartment building. Also, since Agent Carter plays in the same realm as the Whedonverse-produced S.H.I.E.L.D. show, I think we can guess Angie is secretly the opposite from what she seems at first. JUST A HUNCH. Or she's just super into knowing her neighbors.
    Sample Dialogue: "I'd be your neighbor, so THAT'S not nothin'!"
  • Plot Lightning Round

    Jersey Girl (And Guy. And Then Some Other Guys. And Also Those Criminal Guys, too.)


    Peggy finds Sheldon McFee in New Jersey. She and Jarvis head out there.


    But Sousa also figures out where Sheldon McFee is. So now the SSD crew heads out there, too.


    And oh, hey, look who else now knows about Sheldon McFee!


    But Peggy gets there first and handcuffs McFee to a chair. AS ONE DOES. But outside, look who's trying to start the milk truck...


    Why it's LEET BRANNIS! Luckily, Jarvis removed part of the engine, so Peggy captures him easily. Too bad McFee gets away.


    Now they all go for a ride. Woo!



  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Peggy Vs. Green Suit, ON TOP OF A MOVING MILK TRUCK

    Seriously, they're standing there, like it's sticky pavement in August, punching the crap out of each other while LEET BRANNIS swerves all over the road.

    Winner: Peggy, who knifes Green's hand to the truck-top and then hauls LEET BRANNIS and Jarvis to safety.

  • Wrap It Up

    The truck goes into a lake and blows up.


    Seriously, there's no water left in the lake. I'm not sure how this works. Did it evaporate? Because the roadway's dry. I guess that's another Agent Carter mystery!


    Oh, and Green Suit? I'm not seeing him still attached to the truck here, so it's safe to say he'll be back to hand out cards again.


    LEET BRANNIS dies! But not before trying to draw the logo of his preferred residential realtor for Peggy. LEET BRANNIS may be a terrorist with no loyalties, but that doesn't mean he's not thoughtful.


    Peggy follows Angie's advice and interviews to get into that all-female apartment situation. Which will either get her near-killed, or will draw her into a secret society of female agents! Either way: better than sharing space with Howard Stark's DNA.


    It's probably a good move, since things get a little too intimate with married Jarvis while he's stitching up Peggy's bullet wound. It's getting like Road House up in this piece!


    Hey, look: Krzeminski found Howard Stark's missing license plate! Maybe there'll be a reward for -- OH.

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