Agent Carter Learns To Love The Bomb

The first step in loving something is stealing it from a secure site. Everyone knows that.

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    Sousa is obviously in love with Peggy Carter (because who wouldn't be?) but he's trying to get on with his life by dating a nice nurse named Violet. It's not that he's not up to Peggy's standards (although he probably isn't, because who would be?) but she doesn't really have time for romance. What with all the enemy spies and proto-supervillains, you understand.

  • Love, Hate & Everything In Between

    Looks Like Love At First Sight To Me

    There's a small jar of Zero Matter in Howard Stark's lab, and it seems to have taken a liking to Dr. Wilkes. Now, some people will say that a glob of goop can't be in love with an intangible scientist. But those people know nothing of romance. Who's to say that Zero Matter doesn't have a soul? Maybe it's what souls are made of. And this chunk of soul clearly wants a piece of Wilkes, because it goes right through the jar to attach to his arm. This has some side effects, including temporary tangibility (not long enough to get up to anything interesting), knowing where that frozen lady from the first episode is, and a brief moment of knowing that soul mates have finally met. Probably.

  • On The Menu

    The Most Romantic Meal

    Violet comes home after a presumably challenging day at the hospital and finds that someone has broken into her house and...laid the table for dinner. Luckily, she figures out that it was Sousa before walloping him with a baseball bat. So what's being served at Surprise Dinner?

    A Nice Table: Look, there's no denying Sousa's table-setting abilities.

    A Sleepy Guy In The Next Room: While it's a little nontraditional, who's to say Violet wouldn't like this better than having Sousa join her? Sometimes when you come home from work, you just want to be alone for a minute.

    A Wedding Proposal: Aw, how sweet. There's no way this is going to work out. You know how they say that 50% of marriages end in divorce? On spy shows, 99% of marriages end in either someone being a double agent, murder, or (if it's the season finale) both.

  • Plot Lightning Round

    The Pre-Heist


    The Zero Matter has clued Wilkes in to the location of the woman whose frozen corpse kicked off the season. So Peggy and Jarvis go off to steal it on the theory that it's riddled with Zero Matter, which Wilkes would like to have in his body instead. Step one of a good break-in is opening an external vent while someone holds you up.


    Jarvis has to come too, because it would be a shame to waste these giant air shafts. If a considerate architect went to the trouble of specifying two-person air shafts, you pretty much have to use them.


    Unfortunately, just as they get to the coffin room, they see Whitney Frost and Calvin Chadwick on the same mission. The bad guys get first crack because they had the sense to walk in the door instead of hiding in a ventilation shaft. So Whitney absorbs all the Zero Matter and becomes slightly more powerful and evil. Probably.


    And then she announces that she needs an atomic bomb. It's important to have goals, right?

  • Alert!

    Let's Do That Again, But Bigger

    Alert Type: Heist-Planning Alert.

    Issue: Dr. Wilkes uses his Zero Matter connection (and his scientist knowledge) to determine that Frost wants an atomic bomb so she can recreate the explosion that created Zero Matter in the first place.

    Complicating Factors: She'll want to use the exact type of bomb that was used before, which means she'll have to break into an impenetrable warehouse. To get there first, Peggy will need a team to break in there.

    Resolution: Step one is to steal a particular key. Peggy would prefer to just blow all the doors off their hinges, but she's eventually persuaded that stealth is required here.

    Spoiler: This place they're talking about is significantly less impenetrable than advertised.

  • That Quote
    "I haven't had a day off since Pearl Harbour."
    - Peggy Carter, explaining why she doesn't need to rush back to the New York office. And spelling "Harbour" that way because she's British -
  • And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor

    Braunger's Memory Eraser

    The SSR has a weirdo scientist inventing ridiculous gadgets, because it is a proper spy agency. The weirdo scientist has a weirdo name (Dr. Aloysius Samberly) and is played by a weird-looking comedian (Matt Braunger, who's great) so everything seems in order so far. Dr. Matt Braunger has invented a memory eraser doohickey, which seems like it's a little dubious ethically. So Peggy's keenly interested in using it, obviously.

  • Character Study

    Rich White Creep

    Name: Hugh Jones.
    Age: Late 50s.
    Occupation: Magnate.
    Goal: To grossly hit on any woman that comes near him, thus making it okay for Peggy to use the experimental memory eraser many, many times.
    Sample Dialogue: "You arrogant plonker!" (This was actually Peggy speaking to Hugh Jones, but it's too good a line not to include.)
  • Character Study

    This Guy Looks Familiar

    Name: Joseph Manfredi.
    Age: However old Ken Marino is.
    Occupation: Mob boss.
    Goal: To get through a scene without making everybody wonder which other alumni of The State might show up. That fails immediately, so he agrees to let Whitney Frost have some goons for her atomic bomb thievery.
    Sample Dialogue: "I wanna dip my balls in it."
  • Alert!

    You Ever See That Movie Spy?

    Alert Type: Underestimated Agent Alert.

    Issue: Sousa assumes the SSR is riddled by Council agents, so nobody can be trusted to come along on the heist.

    Complicating Factors: Peggy has a suggestion: Agent Rose, the deceptively large and friendly fake receptionist at the talent agency that serves as the SSR's front.

    Resolution: Sousa tries to object because although Rose has training, she doesn't have a lot of field experience.

    Spoiler: Agent Peggy Carter gets her way. Rose is on the team.

  • Love, Hate & Everything In Between

    Let's Make Comic-Relief Babies

    Any mission to steal atomic bombs needs a cranky comic-relief scientist. And just like Rose, Dr. Samberly is completely field-trained. And he's easily beguiled by Rose's charms. So they appear to make some sort of alliance, and they're probably going to become a couple if they survive the episode.

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Rose vs. A Goon With A Knife

    Fairly quickly, Team Peggy Carter (Peggy, Jarvis, Sousa, Samberly, and Rose) and Team Whitney Frost (Whitney, Cal, and some unnamed goons of Ken Marino's) are both wandering around the halls of this impregnable fortress, looking for the atomic weapons. The good guys have gadgets galore, so they know when they're getting close to bumping into a goon. When that happens, Rose goes to handle the situation with violence. The goon's knife doesn't help him much, and the next time we see Rose, she's carrying it. There's no sense wasting a good knife.

    Winner: Rose, through violence so horrific (I assume) that it had to be kept offscreen.

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Whitney Frost vs. Agent Peggy Carter

    Peggy has been around the block. She knows this whole atomic bomb thing isn't really important. So once things seem basically under control, she wanders off to go find Whitney and Calvin. Mostly Whitney, because nobody's really taking Calvin seriously at this point. The fight is very challenging, because Whitney's got that ice touch thing.

    Winner: Whitney Frost, when Peggy gets thrown over a railing.

  • Hell No!

    That Looks Like It Hurts

    The good news is that Peggy survived her fall. The bad news is that these pointy pipes slowed her down, so she's got a big hole in her abdomen.

  • Love, Hate & Everything In Between

    That Didn't Last Long

    Peggy needs medical attention, and everyone assumes that the hospitals are under the control of the Council of Nine. It would be pretty funny if it turned out the Council didn't actually have all the power people think it does. Anyway, that means the only place to go is Nurse Violet's place. And she's able to patch Peggy up, but Sousa keeps staring at Peggy in an unseemly fashion. And Violet's neither blind nor stupid, so she knows what the deal is.

  • Wrap It Up

    Calvin tries to shut down Whitney's crazy schemes. Which is not unreasonable, because from his point of view, he's a Senatorial candidate who's part of a powerful secret conspiracy. Unfortunately for him, Whitney doesn't see thing that way. Once she's asleep, he calls an emergency Council meeting, which will certainly not backfire on him.


    Although Violet thinks Peggy should stay in bed for a few weeks and recuperate, we don't really have time for that. This isn't New Girl, where the star can just leave and let everyone else handle things. So Peggy gets taken back to Stark Manor where...she gets put to bed anyway. She can sleep for one night.


    But that's not enough of a cliffhanger, so Dr. Wilkes stops by so he can start disappearing again. Now he's invisible and intangible, but still somehow here. In Peggy's bedroom. Pleasant dreams!

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