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Adventure Time Is Set To End In 2018

Finn and Jake are expected to stop adventuring around that time, and focus on retirement.

Wait, what? Yep -- it's been confirmed. The cult cartoon series will be ending after eight years and 71 hours of pretty thought-provoking programming. The final season will be Season 9.

But why? Well, all good things must come to an end. Plus, it doesn't seem like the show -- which has won both Emmy and Peabody awards -- will end with any bad blood. Pendleton Ward just saw this as a passion project, and seems nothing but proud of the work that his team did. (And, admit it. You don't want a show like this to get mega-stale and weird like The Simpsons.)

What can I do to prepare for the loss? The good news is, you have plenty of notice. Season 9 is currently in production, and Cartoon Network is prepared to air plenty of Adventure Time-related programs within the next two years. Also, remix videos like the one below exist for this very reason.


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