Time To Cash Out On 24: Legacy?

Eric takes a big risk to get his hands on some very valuable evidence.

Now that Ben Grimes is in the wind, with the all-important list of sleeper cells in his possession, it's a race to get to him first. The terrorists -- now led by the Oxford-educated son of the kingpin that Eric and his team took out overseas -- want the list so they can continue with their nefarious master plan (although the second-in-command would really rather just hit what they can now and get out, a plan that is vetoed in dramatic fashion). The one advantage Eric has is that Ben is giving him and the U.S. government first crack at the list -- but it's going to cost two million in cash, which Ben wants in an hour. With time short and resources shorter, Eric improvises a desperate plan to infiltrate a police station as an arrested suspect, then grab a bunch of confiscated drug-bust money from the evidence locker. What could go wrong? Well, settle in.

Meanwhile, it's looking like this isn't the best day for Eric to have left his wife Nicole with his drug-lord brother Isaac if he wanted to "keep her safe." Not only does Isaac have a big deal going down that day, but his current girlfriend Aisha overheard him saying he plans to dump her, so now she's plotting to take Isaac down. I'm sure she won't share the brothers' concern for Nicole's safety. Also, Chechen exchange student Amira is burning her feminine wiles at both ends to keep her terrorist plot afloat, until one of the ends gets snuffed out. And Senator Donovan's presidential campaign faces a major setback, because that's what presidential campaigns on 24 do.

Through it all, Rebecca and Andy are still trying to run their secret operation to support Eric, but as we all know, nothing in CTU stays a secret indefinitely. Long story short, Eric is left twisting in the wind. How will he ever get out of this? And more importantly, how 24-y is this episode of 24: Legacy? Let's run the numbers.

24-y Element Present?
The Heroes Play By Their Own Rules
Not only does Eric plan to steal two million bucks from a police station, he tapes a bomb to one of the cops who tried to arrest him in order to force their cooperation. I wouldn't be surprised if the thing isn't even armed, but all those glowing LEDs make it look pretty convincing. Meanwhile, Rebecca is still secretly and illegally acting like she's still the head of CTU while she's got her replacement, Keith Mullins, handcuffed to a chair in an interrogation room. Some people just have trouble moving on.
Somebody Gets Tortured
Only if you count Eric's conscience. See, he regrets not taking Ben off the commando squad for showing signs of instability before the raid. But he didn't, and Ben stole the strongbox, and now the rest of Eric's men are dead because of it. But if Ben hadn't stolen it, the terrorists would still have the list, and probably would have activated their sleeper cells already, and killed a lot more people. So maybe Eric should cut himself some slack.
What's Not In That Bag?
Eric's single-strap backpack doesn't look as capacious as Jack Bauer's trusty old man-purse, but apparently there's room in there for explosive charges, detonators, and everything else he needs to slap a bomb together. Or a reasonable facsimile thereof.
Well Then, Why Did That Happen Before?
Rebecca tells Keith that she doesn't believe he's the leak, and wants to clear him. If that's the case, why tase him, drag him through CTU to an interrogation room, and handcuff him to a chair? I guess she didn't want to take any chances. But maybe if she'd gone another way, Keith wouldn't have had Rebecca and Andy arrested and blown Eric's cover in the field. Oh well, coulda woulda shoulda.
There's Nuffin Like A MacGuffin
It's only the second episode and we've got two MacGuffins. Eric's after the two million in cash, so that he buy the sleeper cell list from Ben. At this rate, we're going to have a fully MacGuffin-based economy by the end of the season.
Plot Ripped From The Headlines
The first stage of Eric's plan is to get arrested, which takes less than a minute. Walking while black may not technically be illegal, but breaking into a run in view of a police car sweetens the pot a bit. Eric doesn’t get himself shot in the process, probably because he's careful to disarm both officers first. But don't worry, he'll be having service weapons discharged in his direction before long.
Plot Ripped From The Headlines...Of Nutty Conspiracy Sites
Senator Donovan's presidential campaign seems likely to hit a snag when his opposition uncovers evidence that his campaign manager, Nilaa Mizrani, attended a militant mosque. It's not the first time someone with a foreign-sounding name was accused of being an Islamist spy, as Huma Abedin can tell you. Unrelated to anything, it turns out that Jimmy Smits's dad is played by the preternaturally colorless Gerald McRaney, which could only mean that Senator Donovan's late mother must have been Danny Trejo.
Developments indicate that the person who leaked the information on Eric's squad wasn't operating from inside CTU after all. But damage to relationships has already been done. And as we all know, finding one traitor isn't the same as finding all of them.
Double-Digit Body Count
The only person who dies this hour is Amira's clingy ex-boyfriend Drew, beaten to death by the bare hands of the nerdy chemistry teacher. That's not going to be good for Drew's social status among his peers.
Chicks, Maaaaan
24 has a long history of untrustworthy women, dating all the way back to Sherry Palmer and Nina Meyers. This season, we have a threesome. There's Amira, who blows her chemistry teacher/co-conspirator with the same mouth she just used to kiss her ex-boyfriend. There's Isaac's soon-to-be-ex Aisha, actively plotting against him behind her back. And finally, Andy and Rebecca discover that the person who accessed the intel on Eric and his squad used Rebecca's CTU login to do it -- and it was her husband's campaign manager, Nilaa! Rebecca's going to have to do a lot of hero-ing to make up for her gender's treasonous ways.
Life Is A First-Person Shooter
No gunplay until the end, when Eric tries to leave the evidence locker with the cash and finds himself pinned down by cops shooting at him on sight. And that's where we leave him, though it seems unlikely that he'll try to blast his way out.
Cliffhanger Twist!
Regular old cliffhanger, not so twisty.
7 / 12
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