Family Issues Leave A Lasting 24: Legacy

Relationships get hairy between fathers, sons, and what's left of a band of brothers.

After stealing top-secret plans and springing a prisoner from CTU, Eric should have a city-wide manhunt sweeping the entire D.C. area for him by now, right? Well, no, because he and Rebecca manage to convince CTU's new boss Keith Mullins that this is the only move available to them. Too bad it goes so very pear-shaped.

In the meantime, other best-laid plans are going awry. Teenaged Chechen sleeper terrorists Amira and her brother Khasan arrive home to find their father waiting for them, asking all manner of awkward questions about what they've been up to. He ends up duct-taped to a chair in their house, which is something you can hold onto no matter how badly your next Thanksgiving at home plays out.

Also, Isaac reacts poorly to having almost been murdered by another dealer who was conspiring with his own people, and Nicole gets caught up in the drama. The terrorist leader has to put down a mutiny when the list of terror cells appears irreparable, but an activation code has already gone out to the one cell they can reach (Amira and Khasan, naturally). And Senator Donovan makes an inauspicious debut in a CTU interrogation room, denying everything he told his son before.

Finally, Eric runs into trouble getting the terrorists' location from arms dealer Gabriel, who kills himself rather than reveal any information. That guy's got a serious commitment to his clients.

But even with all these plots in play, things feel a little stalled. Maybe the Show-O-Matic checklist can tell us why.

24: Legacy-y Element Present?
The Heroes Play By Their Own Rules
Once Eric and Ben are free of CTU with the stolen schematics, Eric calls them back and gets Keith to support his wild plan, with Rebecca backing him up. So there are no consequences for those two at all. Meanwhile, mid-level functionary Andy has to take the fall for his part in it. Serves him right for not being the lead character.
Somebody Gets Tortured
Isaac goes a little heavy on the little brother of Jerome, the man who betrayed him along with Aisha. Any real rough stuff happens off screen, though.
What's Not In That Bag?
Eric doesn't really produce anything but his phone throughout the whole hour. In fact, when Ben wants to shave and spruce up before meeting with Gabriel, Eric has to make a stop at a convenience store. So Eric's bag is clearly not well stocked with grooming supplies.
Plot Ripped From The Headlines
Maybe it's understandable that a violent drug lord like Isaac would, after an attempt on his life, stop trusting his people and demand to go through their cell phones in a frightening display of out-of-control paranoia. Especially during a week when we've learned that the current White House Press Secretary is doing the same thing.
Plot Ripped From The Headlines...Of Nutty Conspiracy Sites
I wouldn't be surprised if some people thought there was a real illegal arms dealer out there who sports a Blofeld-like scar through one eye, but I can't get more specific than that.
While Keith can't prove that Andy leaked the plans to Eric, he doesn't trust him either.
Well Then, Why Did That Happen Before?
After Henry Donovan spilled everything to his son earlier this afternoon, I can't imagine how he thought he could get away with denying it all to his daughter-in-law now.
Double-Digit Body Count
The terrorist leader takes out his second-in-command for disobeying orders, so that's one. Eric watches Ben get killed in front of him, by Gabriel's men, so that's two. And then most of Gabriel's men get mowed down by incoming CTU tactical officer, and there are at least eight of them. And if I'm off by one, Gabriel gets Gabriel.
Chicks, Maaaaan
As much as Nicole wants to get away from Isaac's scene, she is prevailed upon to stick around and support him not once, but twice. She is too kind. On the other hand, when Amira is torn between loyalty to her terrorist brother and her non-terrorist father, she picks the side that's going to have all the killing. As for Rebecca, she's so good at smoothing over conflicts and playing sides against each other that I'm starting to think the wrong member of that family is running for president.
There's Nuffin Like A MacGuffin
Nobody is really out chasing after anything this hour, which may be part of why it feels a bit listless overall.
Life Is A First-Person Shooter
Eric makes his move against Gabriel, and has to kill some of his henchmen when Gabriel hits the panic button. At the same time, CTU comes in with guns blazing. It's two firefights for the price of one!
Cliffhanger Twist!
At the last moment, Eric manages to possibly save the day by using Gabriel's dead thumb to authenticate access to his laptop before all the data gets wiped. Which is not so much a cliffhanger as a breakthrough, but still.
8 / 12
Final Score
24: Legacy
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