Everyone Could Use A Fallout Shelter On 24: Legacy

An abundance of poor choices has left plenty of consequences to go around.

Just about everyone spends this hour trying to dig out of a hole created by bad decisions; sometimes their own, sometimes others'. For instance, Eric's brilliant plan to park Nicole with Isaac has led to her being at the mercy of the two people in Isaac's organization who want him dead. Senator Donovan confronts his dad, who confesses everything about why he gave up Eric's squad to the terrorists and set up Nilaa to take the fall for it. And Amira continues to flail with the Drew situation, making us wonder how she expects to kill multiple people when she can't close the deal on one.

But of course the A-plot is still Eric Carter and his increasingly desperate attempts to retrieve the list of sleeper cells from the terrorists. Filled with remorse at his role in this fiasco, Ben convinces Eric that a mysterious arms dealer named Gabriel must have helped get the bad guys into the country, and may be able to help find them now. But the only way to contact Gabriel is to have something he schematics to a new top-secret weapons system. Current CTU boss Keith Mullins isn't about to let that happen, because he's a by-the-numbers stick-in-the-mud. But his (theoretically) departed predecessor Rebecca gets Andy to illegally send them to Eric's cell phone (!), and we're off to the races.

So with all these bad choices leading to worse choices, does it even matter how typically 24: Legacy this episode is? Let's choose to tally the score.

24-y Element Present?
The Heroes Play By Their Own Rules
Well, Rebecca conspires with Andy and Eric to steal top-secret information on a new weapons system to dangle in front of a black-market arms dealer, so there's that. Andy asks Rebecca to remember him when he's unemployed and/or in prison, like the chances of her becoming First Lady aren't shrinking faster than the polar ice caps. And of course there's the whole thing with Eric fighting and assaulting his way out of CTU with stolen data and a prisoner he's busting out. So, you know.
Somebody Gets Tortured
Even Nilaa isn't subjected to the full treatment as she's interrogated under suspicion of treason. The closest anyone comes to undergoing torture is long-suffering Drew. I've read that an air embolism is an excruciating way to die, though it seems to happen here faster than I thought it would. But then maybe I shouldn't be trusting the 24 universe to tell me how long things take.
What's Not In That Bag?
Eric gets to walk around inside CTU's national headquarters with it still slung over his shoulder, so it must be all out of explosives.
Plot Ripped From The Headlines
It's all starting to get a little too fantastical for that (see following category).
Plot Ripped From The Headlines...Of Nutty Conspiracy Sites
Not really, but here's why Senator Donovan's dad rolled over on Eric's squad and Nilaa: someone in his company bought oil from ISIL, and then the terrorist leader blackmailed Henry to do his bidding. And Henry agreed, in order to protect his son's campaign, thinking that would be the end of it. So clearly he believes everything people tell him.
We've already seen Henry Donovan come clean to his son about cooperating with the terrorists. But his brother-in-law, the senator's uncle Luis, still seems to think the situation can be salvaged. He must know something he's not telling.
Well Then, Why Did That Happen Before?
No real glaring inconsistencies from the previous hour, which is always nice.
Double-Digit Body Count
For the third hour in a row (!!), the only movement in this metric is provided by poor Drew, who gets killed again. We'll see if it sticks this time.
Chicks, Maaaaan
Amira feels terrible about what she's done to Drew, and can't even bring herself to finish him off until he regains consciousness and starts putting up a fight from his hospital bed. We already know Nilaa's been set up, and Aisha's betrayal of Isaac is no surprise. So Nicole balances out the scales nicely with her heroic escape from Aisha and a timely warning to Isaac that saves his life. On the other hand, Rebecca screws Keith by getting Andy to steal top-secret schematics, so overall we're just barely in "no" territory.
Life Is A First-Person Shooter
Eric spends the last act quietly assaulting various CTU agents and uniformed guards to get Ben out of the building, so it would be more accurate to call this segment a first-person sneaker.
There's Nuffin Like A MacGuffin
The terrorists have their flash drive back, but the data file got damaged in the kerfuffle and it's going to take time to restore it. Meanwhile, Eric and Ben have a new MacGuffin in their hands, in the form of those stolen weapons schematics. What could go wrong? Oh, right, EVERYTHING.
Cliffhanger Twist!
Eric signs off for the hour by warning Ben that if he's lying, Eric will kill Ben himself. I'm starting to think that's the closest we're going to come to a last-second shocker in this new series.
5 / 12
Final Score
An elevator pitch for the movie Ransom but with a computer file in place of the child
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