21 Jump Street's Somber Take On Homeless 'Youth' Featured Bridget Fonda, 25

And various other 'kids' aged at least 30.

What the hell?

One of the better-remembered 21JS episodes, "Blinded By The Thousand Points Of Light" should get credit for the snark on Reagan in the title...and a panhandled Penhall's Trump-book reference at around 4:05. It also features Bridget Fonda as an "adolescent" street kid named Moho.

What's with the neatly razored hair?

There's only so bad you can make professional actors look on a short TV schedule, but yeah, Hair and Makeup seems to have made do with cinders and Crisco. And 32-year-olds trying to pass as "under legal." The kid in the first pick-up scene was probably born during the Eisenhower presidency. Not the end, either.

Who cares?

"Blinded" was the vanguard of a period in scripted entertainment that threw a spotlight on the dangerous intersection of homelessness, teen prostitution, the narcotics "epidemic," and populations vulnerable to contracting HIV. It's pretty preachy but no worse than your average SVU episode.

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